Ian Grada

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Ian Grada
Born Ian Holmes Grada
(2005-09-07) September 7, 2005 (age 17)
Janesville, WI
Occupation Architect

Ian Grada invented the first personal, affordable time machine when he was 20.


After inventing the first personal time machine, Ian took it to Hazdon Industries in hopes it would be put to good usage only to find it was planned on being used for war related tactics. Changing his mind, he escaped members of the Hazdon staff and traveled through time back to 1990 where he buried the time machine in the middle of nowhere, leaving himself only a very few simple clues, wiped his memory and continued living a happy, normal life.

Short time later later, Ian got a job at Hicks And Abbott Architectural Firm where he met David Ricci. Soon the two become good friends.

In 1995, members of 2025 Hazdon Industries find Ian’s location and chase him down. Along with the help from David, the two battle the members off as they race to find the machine. Upon finding it, Ian is shot and killed by the last surviving member. He’s later revived after David travels back in time and tells Ian to wear a vest.

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