Harold Meltzner

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Harold Meltzner
Born Harold James Meltzner
(1975-03-21)March 21, 1975
New Prairie, WI
School New Prairie High
Year 1990 - 1994

Harold Meltzner helped invent the first protable time travel device with Ian Grada.


Early Days

Attended Harvard to study Quantum Physics. After graduating in 2000, Harold wrote a book about his theories on time travel. Went to work with the US Military in 2007 to help develop his theories into reality. Over the next 13 years he helped develop nearly 25 prototypes of machines.

Inviting Time Travel

In 2020, he resigned from his job due to unknown reasons and moved back to New Prairie. Met Ian Grada in 2023 during a science fair held at Hazdon Industries. The two started discussing their views on Time Travel and quickly became friends. Over the next 2 years, Harold helped Ian design and create the world’s first affordable, compact and readily available time machine.

Court Action & Changing History

Word quickly reached the US Military that Harold was breaking confidentiality agreement he had signed and they came after him. Harold’s home was raided and he was arrested. He was put on trial and convicted of possible treason and sentenced to execution.

However Harold's fate was changed when a time traveling Ian Grada and David Ricci arrived a few days prior to the judge's decision and planted evidence that instead made the General prosecuting him had actually leaked secrets to Hazdon Industries previously. The General was branded a traitor and sentenced to jail and due to the change of history, Harold returned a free man and lived the rest of his life teaching at a newly opened science museum.

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