David Ricci

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David Ricci
Born (1970-09-07)September 7, 1970
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Loan Officer
School New Prairie High School
Year 1985 to 1989

David Ricci traveled through time with his friend Ian Grada.


Ian and Traveling Through Time

David worked at JP Loans, located in the Derelli Towers. In 1995, David and his friend Ian were shot at by a small group of men. After escaping, Ian informed David that he is actually from the future and the men who shot at them were trying to get the time machine he invented.

David helped Ian find where the time machine was hidden through a series of clues and riddles, all while fighting off the attackers. After finding the machine, Ian was killed in front of David.

Wanting to save his friend, David traveled back five years, where he immediately came upon his friend Ian burying the machine. Realizing it was he that left the clues, David decided to change history ever so slightly in order to prevent Ian's death.