Lindsay Rhandeli

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Lindsay Rhandeli
Born (1978-08-30)August 30, 1978
New Prairie, WI
Died September 2, 1995(1995-09-02) (aged 17)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Impaled by a shovel
Killer The Dark Killer
School New Prairie High School
Year 1992 to 1995

Lindsay Rhandeli was a victim of the Teen Massacres of 1995 caused by The Dark Killer.


Teen Massacres Victim

On September 2nd, 1995 Lynnea Manucci had a Labor Day party at her house succluded in The Hollow subdivision while her parents were gone for the weekend. Lynnea invited all her close friends out as a way to celebrate the start of their Senior years at High School and managed to get beer for everyone. Lindsay, and her boyfriend Josh, grew tired of the bickering between the group and left to go makeout in the woods. Unbenknownst to them, the Dark Killer had been stalking each of the teens and picking them off one by one. Before they could realize what was happening, the Dark Killer shoved a shovel through Lindsay's back into Josh, and out into the tree the two were resting on.

Lindsay, and the rest of her friends, were found hours later after neighbors called the cops reporting screams coming from the house.

Family History

Lindsay's family were long time residents of New Prairie, stretching back four generations. Her Grandfather helped build the Rhandeli Memorial Stadium in honor of his father's work on helping form the city.