Upstairs (Movie)

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Directed by Julia Smith
Produced by
  • Julia Smith
  • Jeff Bell
Screenplay by Jeff Bell
  • Jeff Bell
  • Max Olmsted
  • Corey Millikin
Cinematography Jordan Post
Edited by Jeff Bell
  • Women's Locker Room Production
  • Ghost-Hat Productions
Release date
August 23, 2017
Running time
11 mins
Budget $750

Upstairs is a short supernatural comedy about two men and a mysterious noise on the second floor of their house.

Plot synopsis

Charlie and Barnes are attempting to have a normal evening, when a mysterious and creepy noise from their upstairs grabs their attention. Trying to man up and face whatever is causing the creepy sound upstairs, the two bicker about who should go first.



  • The script was written 2 1/2 years prior to being filmed.
  • The entire short was filmed in less than 16 hours.


  • Door County Short Film Festival (2018) - Official Selection
  • Wildwood Film Festival (2018) - Best Comedy / Official Selection

New Prairie Universe Info


The events of this film take place on April 12, 2018.

Additional Backstory