Michael J. Bayheimer

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Michael J. Bayheimer
Born Michael Judas Bayheimer
(1974-02-22) February 22, 1974 (age 45)
Studio City, CA
Occupation Producer/Writer/Director
Associates Yuri Constantinople
Year 1978 - 1982

Michael J. Bayheimer is best known as the producer of the movies "Windows 90-Ate" and "Love: Amok".



Born in Studio City, CA and the oldest of 4 children, Michael grew up with a distaste for film making. His parents, his mother a former child star and his father a producer who worked the studios during the 70's and 80's, pushed the film life on Michael at a young age. His initial exposure to it was less than ideal and he decided he wanted to do anything but make movies at the age of 10. After graduating high school, Michael attended college to become a lawyer and in 1990 started working for a law firm in Chicago, Ill.

Getting Back into Movies[edit]

After a handful of successful years convincing juries to side with his clients through elaborate stories (whether true or not), Michael started getting the itch to do more and was "convinced" by a family friend to look at a script they had written for a film. While doing so, he found himself coming up with new ideas for the story and helped rewrite it in a new and interesting way. The film, which eventually became the movie "Constant" (1994), went on to be a success ultimately bringing Michael's attention back to film making and Hollywood.

The Motherboard Franchise[edit]

In 1996, Michael caught wind that the studio behind the first two highly successful entries in The Motherboard Franchise were looking to make a third entry and breath new life into the series. Michael stepped up and offered his opinion on what the movie should be without having seen the first two entries and solely going off the idea of 'a horror movie with computers'. The studio liked his new take and green lit the new movie, which angered the franchise's original creator who immediately left the production. Filling the void, Michael ultimately stepped up and took on producing duties of the movie as well.

Windows 90-Ate (1997) became the highest grossing entry in The Motherboard Franchise and went on to cement Michael's place as Hollywood's hottest new collaborator.

Other Work[edit]

Michael has been responsible for other very successful works including the action film 'Love Amok' and the network television reboot of The New Adventures of the Midnight Sleuth.


Theatrical releases[edit]

Year Film Director Producer Writer Other Notes
1994 Constant Yes
1997 Windows 90-Ate Yes Yes
2010 Pineapple! Yes Yes
2011 Pineapple 2: Juiced Yes
2012 Pineapple 3: Caribbean Vacation Yes
2012 diePhone Yes Yes Based upon characters created by
2016 Love Amok Yes Yes