The Seven Year Wish (Movie)

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The Seven Year Wish
Directed by Jennifer Robers
Produced by Christopher Moehr
Screenplay by
  • T.C. De Witt
  • Kris Schulz
  • Luke Kraemer
  • T.C. De Witt
  • Jesse Stokdyk
Cinematography Ryan Brooks
Edited by Chad Halvorsen
Release date
July 21, 2011
Running time
8 mins
Budget $150

The Seven Year Wish is a short comedy about a man dealing with the physical representation of Death after making a birthday wish to not die.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Every year, on his birthday, struggling musician Matt Michaels makes the same wish: not to die. But as we all know, birthday wishes only last one year, and the cloaked figure of Death knows it too. Like the house guest who can’t take a hint, Death appears every year on Matt’s birthday ready to collect if the poor guy doesn’t make the same wish ensuring another year of life… and to hang out with Matt, his best and only friend.


  • Luke Kraemer ..... Matthew Michaels
  • T.C. De Witt ..... Death
  • Jesse Stokdyk ..... Edger Styles
  • Candace Ostler ..... Maggie Michaels
  • Jessica Swenson ..... Debbie Bleck
  • Momo Nakamura ..... Heather
  • Chad Halvorsen ..... Extra
  • Kyle Kubicek ..... Extra
  • Ben Moehr ..... Extra
  • Christopher Moehr ..... Extra
  • Joanne Moehr ..... Extra
  • Erik Rasmuson ..... Extra
  • Joseph J. Sanchez ..... Extra
  • Colin Wilcox ..... Extra
  • Paul Ziech ..... Extra

New Prairie Universe Info[edit]


The events of this film take place on June 16, 2004 (wish flashback) and June 15-16, 2011.

Additional Backstory[edit]