Mujcsh German Pils (beer)

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Type German Pilsner
Manufacturer Hurricane Arthur's Beer
Country of origin New Prairie, WI
Introduced 2002
Alcohol by volume 7.0%
Colour Light Brown

Mujcsh German Pils, also known simply as Mujcsh, is a 7.0% ABV German pilsner sold by Hurricane Arthur's Brewing Company of New Prairie, Wisconsin.



During the beer's initial production, the marketing department was looking for a slogan to tie the beer with. An intern jokingly said that "Mujcsh" sounded like the German word for drunk, even though the real word is 'betrunken'. The head of marketing loved the joke so much, they immediately started using it in the style of the old Fosters' beer slogan "Australian for Beer".

As the years went by, the marketing department stopped utilizing the slogan in their advertisements. It wasn't until 2017 that the phrase was added back to the bottle's label for its 15th Anniversary.