The Motherboard (universe movie franchise)

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The Motherboard Franchise
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Directed by Levi Trevino (1, 2)
Produced by Levi Trevino (1, 2, 4)
Michael J. Bayheimer (3, 4)
Written by Levi Trevino (1, 2, 4)
Michael J. Bayheimer (3)

The Motherboard franchise is a horror franchise centering on computers coming to life and eating their victims. It began in 1983 with the successful independent release of Hackintosh, which spawned three theatrically released films Windows 90-Die, Windows 90-Ate, and diePhone.


Hackintosh (1983)

Main Article: Hackintosh
Hackintosh is a 1983 independent horror movie about a serial killer who lures people to an abandoned resort using computers, only to kill them brutally. The serial killer is revealed to be brainwashed and controlled by a computer.

Windows 90-Die (1996)

Main Article: Windows 90-Die
Windows 9-Die is a 1996 horror-sequel to Hack-intosh, in which the sole survivor from the end of the first film becomes obsessed with the computer that possessed the killer and tries to dissect it, only to become possessed by it in the process and goes on a murderous rampage through the city.

Windows 90-Ate (1998)

Main Article: Windows 90-Ate
Workers at an office building start disappearing after their computers are updated to the newest version. When two workers start getting suspicious and investigate, they soon find out the horrible truth about the IT Department and the new man eating computers that are devouring the office.

diePhone (2012)

Main Article: diePhone
The Motherboard computer, long dormant, is resurrected by the owner of the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer on the eve of his new product launch. Infecting the server of the phones, The Motherboard stretches her fingers across the world and turns the phones against their users creating a new reign of terror.

“Killer App” (2016)