Windows 90-Ate (universe movie)

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Windows 90-Ate
Directed by Garrett Ramos
Produced by Michael J. Bayheimer
Written by Michael J. Bayheimer
  • Brian Morris
  • Nicole Carter
  • Shawn Mitchell
  • Julia Gray
Distributed by Paramutual Pictures
Release date
  • October 30, 1998 (1998-10-30)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2,000,000

Windows 90-Ate is the third entry in The Motherboard franchise and the first produced film of Michael J. Bayheimer.

Plot synopsis

Workers at an office building start disappearing after their computers are updated to the newest version. When two workers start getting suspicious and investigate, they soon find out the horrible truth about the IT Department and the new man eating computers that are devouring the office.


  • Brian Morris ..... Tony
  • Nicole Carter ..... Candace
  • Shawn Mitchell ..... Larry
  • Julia Gray ..... Motherboard (Voice)
  • Marcus Fleming ..... Sam (picture only)


Director Issues

When the idea for a third entry in the The Motherboard franchise was thrown around the table at then distributor Paramutual Pictures, the original plan was to get Levi Trevino back to direct the movie. After months of negotiations, Trevino turned down the studio stating he wanted to do other projects and leave the property behind. Now without a director, the studio turned to an unknown named Garrett Ramos. Ramos had up to this point been known for his music videos and television commercials, but had never taken on the massive project of a feature length film.

Two months into production, Ramos and producer/writer Michael J. Bayheimer started disagreeing with the direction of the film. Bayheimer went to the head of the studio and complained that if Ramos was to continue directing the film on his own, it wouldn't be the hit they were looking for. The studio stepped in and informed Ramos that if he didn't start doing as they asked, he would be let go without pay (Ramos hadn't fully read his contract at the time of signing, agreeing to a clause that allowed the studio to do this at the time).

Ramos said he would stay on but his desire to finish the film was severly reduced. As the production continued, Ramos stayed behind the camera, gave little direction and near the end stopped calling action for the shots. Bayheimer stepped in and started acting as the onset director and was he that ultimately finished the film, though he gets no on-screen credit for it in the final product.


  • Michael J. Bayheimer became one of Hollywood's most saught after producers/writers after this film soared to #1 in the Box Office (ultimately becoming the highest rated entry in the series at the time).
  • Michael J. Bayheimer created the concept for this film having never seen the first two and after hearing the phrase "horror movie with computers".
  • Levi Trevino, the franchise's original creator, was deeply upset that the series was turned into a gory horror movie and was not what he originally intended. He went on record stating he would no longer be a part of the franchise if it would continue. He had a change of mind 14 years later when "diePhone" (2012) was released with him as the sole writer.


  • "I got into computers to get away from this sort of thing!"