Teresa Joule

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Teresa Joule
Born Teresa Kyla Joule
(1947-09-10)September 10, 1947
Madison, WI
School James T. Welks High
Year 1961 to 1965

Teresa Joule is the one person to get close to the Dark Killer.


Originally born in Madison, WI, she moved to New Prairie in 1952 with her mother after her parents divorced. Six months later, her mother meets a new man and a short time later they marry.

Abusive Family Life

At 17 her step father beat her and her mother up and left the house to go drink. Later that evening, she had received a phone call from him saying he had crashed his car near Oak Park Cemetery and needed a lift back home. Reluctantly she drove into town and spotted the crashed vehicle. Somehow, he had managed to drive it into the stone wall that bordered the cemetery, demolishing the whole front half of his car.

Face to Face with the Dark Killer

Not spotting him anywhere she wandering into the cemetery. There, hiding behind a tombstone, she witnessed the Dark Killer murder him. Her last memory was of the Dark Killer turning towards her.

Teresa woke up 3 days later at Rhenderelli Asylum, where she now had an infatuation with him. Changing how she dressed to “closer match his style” she went off to find him, at first going to the Martini Farm. Eventually she confronted him and told him how she wanted to “be with him”. He tells her nonverbally that she’ll have to “do something to prove it”.

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