Susan Ferelli

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Lt. Susan Ferelli
Born Susan Caren Ferelli
(1961-09-12)September 12, 1961
Chicago, Ill
Died December 13, 1995(1995-12-13) (aged 34)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Strangulation
Killer Vinnie Sportien's Henchman
Occupation Police officer, informant
Associates Jake Calvin
Vinnie Sportien

Lt. Susan Ferelli was a police officer/detective who helped Vinnie Sportien get insider information before helping Lt. Jake Calvin bring him down.


Born in Chicago, Susan moved to New Prairie in 1985 and started worked for the New Prairie Police Force.

Off shift one night, Susan met a member of Vinnie Sportien’s organization in a bar and the two got to talking. The member let slip something Vinnie was trying to do, but couldn’t get the info due to it’s high security. Susan got the information and left it on Vinnie's door one morning with a note explaining that if he’s ever in need of more information he can contact her at a private number. As the years went by, she became Vinnie's inside mole for the police.

However, in the early 90’s, she started having second thoughts on her actions and eventually refused to work with Vinnie again. Vinnie found out about her refusal and threatened to leave a note at the police station informing the chief of her “deeds” over the years. Susan reluctantly did what she was asked for the next 3 years.

By 1995, her hatred for Vinnie had grew great enough that when Chicago LT. Jake Calvin showed up in New Prairie to bring him down, she jumped at the chance to help in anyway possible. Later in the year, Sportien contacted Susan for some information on a criminal. Susan gave him his information, but left part of it out per Calvin’s orders. Sportien became rather upset and suspicious of Susan, who in turn feared for her life. Having constant 24 hour protection, Susan carefully lived her remaining few months out.


The evening of her death, the other officers who normally helped protect her, mysteriously were absent as she walked from the station to her car. Upon reaching her vehicle, she was confronted by a henchman working for Vinnie. Her body was found laying outside of her car, strangled to death after an anonymous tip claimed to have seen a mad man rob and kill a woman in the police station parking lot.

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