Paramutual Pictures

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Paramutual Pictures
Industry Film
Founded May 8, 1912; 110 years ago (1912-05-08)
Founders Patrick Price
Peter Cooper
Gregory Thompson
Headquarters Hollywood, California,
United States
Area served
Products Motion pictures
Owner Haast Enterprises

Paramutual Pictures Incorporated (known professionally as Paramutual Pictures and often referred to simply as Paramutual) is an American film studio based in Hollywood, California, that has been owned by Haast Enterprises since 2003.


1911–20: Early Years

1921-30: Rise In Popularity

1931-48: On Top

1949-59: New Management

1960-77: The Collapse

Jerry Lewis filming at the Paramutual front gates

The 60's and 70's brought a lot of turmoil and trouble for the executives of the studio. With a changing entertainment industry and a country that soon went to war, it seemed every step the studio made only resulted in failure. It was during this time that many productions had monumental budget cuts in hopes they would be lucky and score a hit with little cost. This rocky era for the studio resulted in box office failures for almost 85% of the films released in the span of 15 years. While today many of the movies released during this time frame are considered classics, gems, and cult following favorites, at the time the studio became embarrassed by their output. Numerous stories started labeling the studio as "Para-dissociated Pictures", a term that was not allowed to be repeated on the grounds.

The executives in charge started calling in favors from Hollywood royalties in hopes of turning things around. Jerry Lewis, who was working on a series of solo films of his own, agreed to produce a film on the Paramutual lot. The film, called "The Errand Boy", focused on the life of an errand boy's mishaps on the Paramutual lot.

1978-94: Rebirth

1995-present: Paramutual Today

Film Library

Release date Title Notes
March 20, 1942 The Roxy Incident
July 10, 1959 Unknown Spectre
September 8, 1964 Attack of the Killer Pineapple People
February 18, 1983 Revenge of the Killer Pineapple People A loose sequel to the 1964 Sci-Fi Horror movie that started production in 1977, but was delayed for 5 years before going back into production.
October 30, 1998 Windows 90-Ate Third entry in the The Motherboard Franchise and first released by Paramutual.
May 11, 2012 diePhone
June 12, 2015 Love: Amok