Jason Hindwither

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Jason Hindwither
Born Jason Steven Hindwither
(1948-03-03) March 3, 1948 (age 74)
Seattle, WA
Occupation News reporter, WNPX
Children Sarah Hindwither

Jason Hindwither was the lead anchor of WNPX Channel 4, winner of two Peabody Awards, and known as "The Mouth of New Prairie" during his time as lead anchor.


Earlier Years

Jason went into broadcasting and worked at a CBS TV station in Washington for his first three years out of school. He was then sent over to Vietnam as a news correspondent and spent 4 years of his life there. Offered a job as co-anchor at WNPX and moved in 1978 where he and his wife had their baby daughter Sarah Hindwither.

Death of his Daughter

When news reached that his daughter had been murdered during the summer of 1995, Jason vowed to spend the rest of his life searching and bringing down the person who killed her. Using his power has a news anchor, Jason constantly reached out and dug deep into records in hopes of finding some clue of who the killer was.

In late 1995, Jason came face to face with the Dark Killer who found where he lived. The Dark Killer telepathically asked Jason to find out who was trying to find him. Jason obliged and went to see Amanda Mendel at Rhenderelli Asylum.

Leaving New Prairie

In 1997, Jason is confronted by a man dressed in black, with red glowing eyes who convinces him to leave his investigation into his daughter’s death alone. He later arrives home and starts packing his belongings, quits his job at the station, and puts his house up for sale.

Jason and his wife were never heard from again.

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