Heather Dinola-Stewart

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Heather Dinola-Stewart
Born Heather Dinola
(1905-02-28)February 28, 1905
Chicago, IL
Spouse(s) Kevin Stewart (husband)
Children Andy Stewart (son)
Stewart Stewart (son)

Heather Dinola-Stewart is the wife and time traveling companion of Kevin Stewart.


Early Days & Meeting Kevin Stewart

Heather was born in Chicago, Il in 1905 where she lived until she moved with her family to New Prairie in 1923. In 1935, met Kevin Stewart who had recently time traveled back from 2001. After a short time together, the two fall for one another.

The Dark Killer & The Burning of New Prairie

The Dark Killer confronts Heather, Kevin and his friend Andy Stewart and threatens to kill them unless Kevin sacrifices himself. Together she, Kevin, and Andy devise a plan to stop the Dark Killer, but instead it backfires. When combined with the Dark Killer’s powers, the four of them are sent through time to 1976. There, Heather is awe struck at the “future” as Kevin and Andy attempt to take down the KILLER. Heather falls in love with the future but starts to long for her own time. While running from the Dark Killer, Heather, Andy, and Kevin come across her old house where, she finds a much older version of her self inside.

The two boys continue on as she talks to her older self and finds that she originally went back to her time, but regretting doing so because Kevin never came with her. Heather starts to second guess going back to her own time, but fleas the house when the Dark Killer appears and kills older Heather in front of her. Kevin and Andy show up, save her from the Dark Killer and take her away downtown. There, they accidentally start a building on fire that starts the Burning of New Prairie. The three escape thinking the Dark Killer was killed, however he emerges and flees the scene, “badly hurt”.

The Future & Family

Heather tells Kevin that she wants to go “to the future” with him, because she wants to be with him forever. They agree and travel back to 2001. In 2004, she and KEVIN get engaged and marry later that year. They have 2 kids, Andy and Stewart.

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