Andy Williams

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Andy Williams
Born Andrew Michael Williams
(1970-09-13)September 13, 1970
Madison, WI

Andy Williams was an architect who accidentally traveled back in time and fought the Dark Killer.


Moved to New Prairie when he was 4 months old. Met KEVIN STEWART in 1975 on the first day of school. Attended NEW PRAIRIE HIGH from 1985 to 1989. Attended college in New York City from 1989 until 1993 for a degree in architecture. Attempted to get a job at a upper class architectural firm in New York but didn’t get it. Boss of company recommends him to a friend at HICKS & ABBOTT ARCHITECTURAL FIRM. Andy contacts the boss, gets an interview, flies home and gets the job. He moves back to New Prairie a few days later. In 1996 he helped KEVIN watch his aunt’s house and in the processes apprehended a group of criminals who attempted to break into the house and steal the money buried under the basement. In 2001, he and KEVIN visited HAZDON INDUSTRIES and while there accidentally got sent back in time to 1935 New Prairie. There the two come face to face with the DARK KILLER who threatens to kill both of them if KEVIN doesn’t sacrifice himself. The two come up with a plan to stop the DARK KILLER but it backfires and combined with his powers, the two and their new friend HEATHER DiNOLA are sent forward in time to 1976, days before the great fire. Here, the two again come face to face with the DARK KILLER, whom leads them on a chase through town. Resting in a small shop, KEVIN accidentally starts a small fire, which, with the KILLER’s powers, spreads quickly through the whole downtown area, thus creating THE GREAT FIRE OF 1976. The final confrontation with the DARK KILLER sends the trio back to 2001 just as their past selves leave.