Dustin Thompson

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Dustin Thompson
Born Dustin James Thompson
(1970-06-29)June 29, 1970
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Archiect
Associates Anthony Zuitco, Jr.
School New Prairie High
Year 1985-1989

Dustin Thompson is stopped Eugene Niron's robbery attempt and is the namesake of Dusty's Drive-In.


Ian, Catherine, & Eugene

Dustin met and became good friends with Ian Grada while working at Hicks & Abbott Architectural Firm, a job he got in 1990 after graduating high school. Dated Catherine Gifford for a few months in 1991. In 1995, met up with her again while being held up in the Stewart Savings & Loan Bank, downtown New Prairie. After realizing his hostage holder was that of an ex of Catherine's, Dusty followed him to the roof of the Derelli Towers where the two fought, ultimately ending with the ex, Eugene Niron, falling over the edge to his death. Afterwards Dusty and Catherine get back together until they break up in 1999.

Leaving New Prairie, Anthony Zuitco, Jr.

Dusty moves to Oregon in 2001 to pursue a better job as a manager for a manufacturing company. Later that year, the company is bought by Z Industries and Dusty meets the head Anthony Zuitco, Jr. Liking Dusty’s sense of humor and way about him, Anthony becomes his friend. A year later, Dusty is promoted to Vice-President of the manufacturing company and is given a direct contact number to Anthony in case he needs him for anything.