Sandra Bean

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Sandra Bean
Born Sandra Helen Bean
(1918-09-07)September 7, 1918
Stafford, United Kingdom
Died October 21, 2015(2015-10-21) (aged 97)
Chicago, Ill
Cause of death Old Age
Occupation Actress/Radio Personality
Associates Martha Chaplin

Sandra Bean is best known as one-half of the long-running radio show Sandra & Martha's Home Kitchen Theater Talking Show.


Birth & Arrival in America

At a young age, Sandra enjoyed performing for a crowd. Growing up in a small, English town, she quickly became known by everyone in the surrounding area for her outrageously funny antics. When she was 16, she moved to America with her family to escape the ever-growing dangers of the wars going on in Europe. The family finally settled down in Los Angeles, where Sandra found herself amazed by the acting world. Soon, she gave up schooling and started working for various studios.

Voice Acting

In 1938, Sandra was "discovered" by a producer of the newly popular The Midnight Sleuth radio program and asked if she'd like to do a voice. She accepted and appeared on the 15th episode of the show, which ultimately was the start of her career. After the episode aired, Sandra started getting more work for other radio shows as a character voice and continued to do so for the next 30 years. She appeared on numerous episodes of The Midnight Sleuth as the character of Mrs. Hildenberry, as well as beloved children's cartoon show Timmy and the Tip Toes as Sally Toe.

Martha Chaplin & Talk Radio

In 1942, Sandra met Martha Chaplin while on an audition for an upcoming film. Martha, also from the UK who moved to the US at a young age, ultimately beat Sandra out for the role but the two became good friends and became practically inseparable.

In 1970, the two were approached to do a weekly talk show about whatever they wanted to and created the Sandra & Martha's Tips of the Week. The show quickly became popular with listeners as they fell in love with listening to the two bicker, which went directly against the planned format of delivering useful household tips. The show stayed on the air for almost 40 years, even while attempting to rebrand and redo the show's format. Soon listeners found themselves listening to the ongoing adventures and lives of both Sandra and Martha.


After their long-running talk show ended, Sandra retired to Chicago, a favorite city of hers. There she lived with her fiance Michael until she died peacefully in her sleep on Oct 21, 2015.