Karri Foster

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Karri Foster
Born Karri Erin Foster
(1974-04-01) April 1, 1974 (age 48)
Footville, WI
Occupation Thief
Spouse(s) Matthew Miller (engaged)

Karri Foster was a thief and bank robber along with her fiance Matthew Miller.


Born in Footville, WI, Karri met Matt Miller during a blind date set up by a friend in 1993. The two became engaged less then a year later.

Robbing Stewart Savings & Loan

On January 1st of 1995, the two were hired to rob the Stewart Savings & Loan Bank. A week later, Karri acquires a job at the bank to learn the layout and daily operations. In early July, Karri and Matt attempt to go through with the robbery, but instead held hostage at the bank when Eugene Niron attempts to rob it.

A few hours into the hostage situation, Karri sneaks a phone call to the man who hired them and explains that someone beat them to the punch. She's told to do it anyway. Sneaking back into the lobby, she tells Matt to grab their guns and continue with their robbery. Their bickering however causes a small rift between themselves and Eugene, who doesn’t like that someone else interfering on the robbery.

Eugene fires at the two, wounding both. Afterwards, they are arrested for attempted robbery and taken to the hospital to undergo treatment for their wounds. 6 months later they are released and soon after trialed for their crime, to which they’re sentenced 5 years in jail for. In May 2000, they both are released on good behavior.

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