Fresh Faces (album)

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Fresh Faces
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Studio album by Foolish Creeper
Released August 9, 1994
Recorded October 1993 - April 1994
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 45:46
Label Tonal Records
Producer Dave Shevil
Foolish Creeper chronology

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Fresh Faces
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Fresh Faces is the sixth album released by Foolish Creeper and the first with new lead singer Victor Morgan.


After being signed to Tonal Records, the band started work on their newest album. After a few months of writing, production was halted when rhythm guitarist Joe Simmons was accidentally murdered in a drive-by shooting in downtown Chicago. The band mourned the loss of their fellow member, and after a few weeks, they started looking for a replacement guitarist. Simmons had co-written two songs prior to his death and both are present on the final album.

Lauren Jensen had taken over lead writing duties on the album (a task former lead singer Denis Porter held). Unlike Porter on the previous album, Jensen worked with every member of the band on the songs, wanting to maintain a strong working relationship with everyone. New lead singer Victor Morgan wrote one song on the album by himself, a request made by Jensen. Another request was longtime producer Dave Shevil contributing to the song The Little Things, a song that eventually became of the band's most well-known songs.

Track listing

1."Concentrate"Lauren Jensen, Joe Simmons4:04
2."Past Time"Jensen, Karen Weber3:05
3."Question the Answers"Jensen, Weber, Craig Brooks3:10
4."Fresh Faces"Jensen, Victor Morgan3:45
5."Bad Side"Jensen, Weber, Brooks4:20
6."Don't Mind Me"Morgan4:13
7."Lost and Found"Weber, Brooks, Roman Erickson4:23
8."Is It Just Me?"Jensen, Weber, Simmons, Erickson, Morgan4:49
9."North by Northwest"Jensen, Morgan4:16
10."The Little Things"Jensen, Weber, Brooks, Erickson, Morgan, Dave Shevil5:06
11."Should Have Known Better"Jensen4:35
Total length:45:46



  • Victor Morgan – lead vocals
  • Lauren Jensen – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Joe Simmons – rhythm guitar
  • Craig Brooks - rhythm guitar
  • Karen Weber – bass
  • Roman Erickson – drums, percussion