Look Again (album)

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Look Again
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Studio album by Foolish Creeper
Released October 20, 1992
Recorded March 1992 - September 1992
Genre Punk Rock, Ska, Rock
Length 45:22
Label Split Phones Records
Producer Dave Shevil
Foolish Creeper chronology

Backwards from the Front
Look Again
Fresh Faces

Look Again is the fifth album released by Foolish Creeper and the last with Denis Porter until his return in 2009.


Incredibly angry with how the band was falling apart, Denis Porter took to writing the majority of the songs on the album, leaving the remaining band members out of the contribution. At the urging of producer Dave Shevil, Porter allowed the others to write one song. Their song Try Again was directed to Porter himself and his lack of caring in his life. Porter realized what they were doing, allowed the song to be on the record, but quit the band the day after it's release.

Track listing

1."Look Again (It's What You Think)"Denis Porter4:56
2."Untitled Track #22"Porter3:33
3."Leave It Here"Porter4:15
4."Crossed Out"Porter4:03
5."Untitled Track #74 (Instrumental Jam)"Porter7:03
6."Pushed Aside"Porter4:32
9."I Think We're Alone Now"Ritchie Cordell3:37
10."Try Again"Carmella Mcgrew, Joe Simmons, Karen Weber, Roman Erickson3:38
Total length:45:22



  • Denis Porter – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Carmella Mcgrew – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Joe Simmons – rhythm guitar
  • Karen Weber – bass
  • Roman Erickson – drums, percussion