Foolish Creeper (album)

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Foolish Creeper
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Studio album by Foolish Creeper
Released September 16, 2014
Recorded 2013-2014
Genre Rock, Pop Rock
Length 48:47
Label Portside
Producer Dave Shevil, Denis Porter, Lauren Jensen
Foolish Creeper chronology

Inside Out II
Foolish Creeper

Foolish Creeper is the eleventh album released by Foolish Creeper.


While touring on their Inside Out II-er, the band found themselves writing new songs and trying them out on the road to the live audiences, often time admitting they had barely finished the song backstage. By the end of the tour, the band had completed close to 26 new songs all of which they decided to record in the studio.

During production, Denis Porter and Lauren Jensen ran into Victor Morgan, who showed interest in potentially recording a song with the band on their next album. Together with the rest of the band, a new song was written that would go on to be the opening track.

Track listing

All tracks written by Denis Porter, Lauren Jensen, Craig Hansen, Karen Weber, and Roman Erickson, except "Bright Shine" by Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson and Victor Morgan and "The Rose" written by Amanda McBroom.

1."Bright Shine"4:28
2."A Question For You"3:00
3."Silence Inside Your Voice"3:59
4."Returning Home"3:26
5."(Every Think About) Where You Are"4:34
7."Guess The Vibes"2:48
9."Nothing (But A Foolish Creeper)"4:11
10."The Rose"3:05
12."Back Before You Know It"6:34
Total length:48:47


  • Denis Porter – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Victor Morgan - lead vocals (track 1), backing vocals (track 12)
  • Lauren Jensen – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Craig Hansen – rhythm guitar
  • Karen Weber – bass
  • Roman Erickson – drums, percussion