Inside Out II (album)

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Inside Out II
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Studio album by Foolish Creeper
Released July 29, 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Rock, Metal, Pop Rock
Length 52:47
Label Portside
Producer Dave Shevil, Denis Porter, Lauren Jensen
Foolish Creeper chronology

Inside Out II
Foolish Creeper

Inside Out II is the tenth album released by Foolish Creeper and the first to have the original band's lineup.


In 2007, Denis Porter and Lauren Jensen met for dinner with their spouses. During the dinner, the two started discussing fond times of recording and performing. By sheer coincidence, Craig Hansen and Karen Weber happened to be at the same restaurant and stopped by to say hello. The group, only missing drummer Roman Erickson, discussed the concept of recording again and all agreed they should. Denis offered up his personal recording studio and within the week the band started doing so.

Porter and Jensen decided this album should be a collaboration between all the members of the band, not allowing any unfairness between members. Roman Erickson commented how great it was to be recording together again, stating it felt like the old days. This ultimately led to the band deciding to make the album a pseudo-sequel to their 1987 album Inside Out.

During production, producer Dave Shevil suggested they keep the recording of the album a secret from the public. On July 28, 2009 the band's website posted the album cover the day before it was to be released. News spread and when it was released the next day, became one of the band's biggest selling records.

Track listing

1."Call Answered"Denis Porter, Lauren Jensen, Craig Hansen, Karen Weber, Roman Erickson4:03
2."Thought It Was Over"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson5:18
3."Outside In"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:04
4."Follow In Front"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson5:12
5."Facts"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson3:50
6."Tomorrow Isn't The End"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:05
7."1955"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:17
8."Tuesday Window"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:57
9."Crash Course"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:38
10."Back in Time"Johnny Colla, Chris Hayes, Sean Hopper, Huey Lewis3:16
11."Agree to Disagree"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:21
12."Untitled Track #75 (Instrumental Jam)"Porter, Jensen, Hansen, Weber, Erickson4:39
Total length:52:47


  • Denis Porter – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Lauren Jensen – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Craig Hansen – rhythm guitar
  • Karen Weber – bass
  • Roman Erickson – drums, percussion