Chandler Bingham

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Chandler Bingham
Born Chandler Joseph Bingham
(1976-05-14) May 14, 1976 (age 46)
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Filmmaker
Spouse(s) Shelly Bingham
Family David Bingham (Father)
School New Prairie High
Year 1990 to 1994

Chandler Bingham is a Hollywood writer/director best known for working with Paramutual Pictures.


Early Years

Chandler was good friends with Harold Meltzner and Kirsten Bellini during his middle and high school days. He went to college to become a director and moved to California in 1998 where he worked primarily for Warner Brothers until 2001.

Hollywood Life

Met wife Shelly Queensborrow on the set of his 2001 film “Call Waiting”, where she worked as a script supervisor. The two dated and married in August of 2000. In 2001, Warner Brothers, unhappy with the direction Chandler was taking his next film, ultimately broke their contract with him, resulting in a lawsuit filed against them by Chandler. Trying to stay clean in the public’s eye, Chandler was paid off out of court a hefty 9-digit sum, money which he used to finance the next two films which went on to modest success.

After reaching new success as an independent filmmaker, Chandler has repeatedly been hired to direct films for the Haast Industries owned studio Paramutual Pictures. He now lives outside of Sacramento with his wife Shelly and their two kids Jack and Joey.

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