Bruto Colombo

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Bruto Colombo
Born Bruto Vincenzo Colombo
(1981-02-28)February 28, 1981
New Prairie, WI
Died June 4, 2017(2017-06-04) (aged 36)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Accidental Drug Overdose
Killer Tanner Greene
Other names Vinny
Occupation Businessman/Drug Dealer
Family Benito Colombo (brother)
Luca Silvino (brother)
School James T. Welks High School
Year 1996 to 2000

Bruto Colombo was a drug dealer and part of the Colombo family.


Birth & Nickname

Bruto was born into an already established mob family in 1981. His family was close to Vinnie Sporteino as his father was one of the henchmen working with Vinnie during his New York days. At the age of 8, Bruto started calling himself Vinny in honor of Sporteino.

Drug Dealing

In early 2013, Bruto contacted Tanner Greene, a friend of his from high school, to get some new "off the books" drugs he planned on selling. Tanner, pulling drugs from the manufacturing line at Opul Pharmaceuticals, supplied Bruto with enough stock to start creating a market that rivaled that of a former family friend Vinnie Sporteino.

This new business caused the attention of Don Spreezy who didn't like Bruto creeping into his territory. Spreezy put out a hit on Bruto and spread the word to anyone outside of New Prairie to prevent association with anyone local. Over the next 6 months, many hitmen attempted to take out Bruto but were unsuccessful due to a combination of bad timing, Bruto's protection unit, or simple misunderstandings of who Bruto was. Bruto himself was unaware of all these attempted assassinations and continued going about his business.

Death of the Family

In February 2017, Bruto was at a dinner intended to be a peace offering between the Colombo and the Penza families. After a lengthy meal of being ignored and belittled by both families, Bruto went off to do a line of cocaine in the bathroom to drum up some confidence. While he was gone, his brother's new girlfriend Olivia (who was a hitman there to kill Bruto but unaware of which one he was) and ultimately killed the entire family instead, being killed in the process. Bruto returned to the room and confronted everyone saying he was out of the business, unaware that they were dead.


In June 2017, while getting a new batch of drugs from Tanner Greene, Bruto accidentally overdosed on an overly powerful batch of drugs.