The Earling

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The Earling
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The Earling, 2007
Address 133 Wilson Street
New Prairie, Wisconsin
United States
Designation Historic landmark
Capacity 600
Current use Live concert venue
Opened June 23, 1942
Rebuilt June 23, 1978

The Earling is a former movie theater now live concert venue located across the street from the Derelli Towers.

Surviving The Fire of 1976

Originally built in 1942 but closed down a few days prior to the great fire of 1976, citing financial problems. After the fire, the theater suffered major damages and was remodeled to it’s former glory as one of the 15 New Prairie Historical buildings that J.P. Derelli deemed to maintain for future generations. It was reopened in 1978. Since then, the theater’s been blessed with a successful financial future.