Oswald Hilt

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Oswald Hilt
Born Oswald Greydon Hilt
(1977-01-12)January 12, 1977
New Prairie, WI
Died December 13, 2008(2008-12-13) (aged 31)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Suicide
Other names Oz
School James T. Welks High School
Year 1991 to 1995

Oswald Hilt was a delusional individual who murdered his girlfriend and created an imaginary friend to continue his killings.


Killing Sarah

Oswald met and started dating Sarah Putney after asking her to the prom in 1992. Celebrating his graduation from High School in 1995, Oswald and Sarah went out to Rillo's Quarry, where he strangled her to death. The exact reason for his killing of her is unknown. 3 days later her body was found and Oswald was trialed and convicted of the crime. His attorney pleaded temporary insanity and in turn Oswald was sentenced to rehabilitation at Rhenderelli Asylum.

Time At Rhenderelli

A few years into his time at Rhenderelli, Oswald claimed to be seeing a man with a black face staring at him from across the dining hall. The same man also attempted to break into his room one evening, or so he claimed. Shortly after, the doctors started him on a drug that they hoped would cease the hallucinations of the man with the black face. The medication worked and Oswald stopped seeing the man, or at least he never mentioned seeing him again.

Back Into Society

Almost 10 years to the day and he was released claiming to have been cured to an extent. Oswald, while seemingly “cured”, grew a hallucinatory reality where he believes the murder of his girlfriend never happened and instead the two are married. He also created a best friend by the name of Jimmy. Dr. Marshall Strapp, a psychiatrist from Rhenderelli, had regular visits with Oswald to monitor the medicine given to him to stop seeing the man.

Questioning Dr. Strapp's Methods

2 years after leaving the asylum, Oswald and his friend Jimmy started questioning Dr. Strapp’s methods. After Jimmy presented evidence that the Doctor had previously killed a young girl named Sarah, Oswald decided to give him over to the police. The two tricked the Doctor to Oswald’s home and proceeded to beat him up. When questioned about the girl he killed, Dr. Strapp confessed that it was Oswald himself who did the killing and that his friend Jimmy and wife Sarah were all fake. Oswald refused to believe the doctor and proceeded to beat him to death with a golf club.

Oswald locked the doctor in a small room in his basement, went upstairs, washed his hands and continued on with his life. A few minutes later, the man with the black face stalked Oswald through his house. At the end of their chase, Oswald finally stabbed and killed the man, only to find him not real and die from a knife wound to his stomach. Oswald’s body was found the next day.

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