Garrett Moore

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Garrett Moore
Born Garrett Williams Moore
(1975-05-09)May 9, 1975
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Screenwriter
School New Prairie High
Year 1990 to 1994

Garrett Moore is a screenwriter who's first film was based on a personal story between him and his former girlfriend Ashley Sheppard.


Meeting Ashley

During Physics Day at Great America, a field trip taken to better learn of physics and equations during high school, Garrett met Ashley Sheppard. The two, though from different high schools, continue to run into one another as the day proceeds. The two find out that they’re going to be attending Stevens Point for college that following school year, so Ashley writes down her name and tells him to find her when he goes.

College Life

Later that summer during move-in day at college, Ashley shows up at his door. The two become good friends and eventually on-again, off-again date from their junior year until just before graduation. Garrett is responsible for their relationship, worrying that if they became serious it would ultimately ruin their friendship.

Over the course of college, Garrett entertains himself by writing screenplays, both short and full length.

Post College & Back to New Prairie

After graduating in 1998, the two lose contact with one another. Garrett moves back to New Prairie where he plans to start working on a new movie script. He gets a job working part time restocking books at the Stinson Public Library and a full time job working at Partone's Restaurante as a short order chef.

One evening after work, Garrett runs into Ashley again at Jumpers, where after a few hours of talking he asks her out on a date. A short time later the two start dating again, and 8 months later they move in together in Garrett’s apartment downtown.

Promotions & Proposal

In mid 2001, Garrett was promoted to head chef at Partone's Restaurant. Later that year, Garrett decides he’s going to propose to Ashley by giving her the ring as a Christmas present. Planning a terrific Christmas Eve, the two are together for one of the most memorable evenings of their lives. Waking the next morning, Garrett finds Ashley and a few of her things gone from his apartment and a note on a present under the tree. The note tells him that she’s leaving for good.

Emotionally upset, that afternoon he goes to Jumpers again and drinks till the late evening.

"Down the Charts"

In June of 2002, Garrett found out through friends that Ashley died of a life long illness, one that Garrett himself was unaware of. He attended the funeral but stayed in the back and out of sight. Two days later, he sat down and fleshed out a full length film script in a matter of three days. Submitting it through his agent in Chicago, he got a response back almost immediately from Universal Pictures, wanting to buy it from him.

The script, called “Down the Charts”, was based on his life with Ashley and ending with her death. The studio purchased the script from him and wished to see more of his work in the near future. The film went on to be directed by Chandler Bingham, who had recently moved from his studio to Universal.

He quit his Chef job in October of 2002 and purchased a newly renovated farmhouse on the outskirts of town, where he had planned to relax and work on his film scripts in peace. Garrett still has his part time job at the library, citing it as a good place for inspiration and information.

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