Unknown Spectre (Movie)

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Unknown Spectre
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Directed by Stephen Pickering
Produced by T.J. Hartley
Written by
  • Miles Allen
  • Julia Swanson
  • Mike Casey
Music by Rachel Hsaio
Cinematography Stephen Pickering
Edited by Cameron Pickering
Release date
  • August 1, 2009 (2009-08-01)
Running time
6 minutes
Country United States
Budget $200

Unknown Spectre was a short film created for the 48 Hour Film Project in 2009.

Plot synopsis

John Charles, a lead scientist in energy, finds a crashed alien spacecraft one evening on his way home. Soon Maggie, his secretary, becomes concerned of his ever-growing isolation and long hours at the lab and calls in Detective Jack Spencer to investigate. Spencer, following Charles out one evening, stumbles across the Doctor's secret experiments of harnessing the energy from humans to help repower the alien's spacecraft.


  • Miles Allen ..... Detective Jack Spencer
  • Mike Casey ..... John Charles
  • Julia Swanson ..... Maggie
  • Dan Casey ..... Alien
  • AARON Williams ..... Alien
  • Stephen Pickering ..... Alien


  • The "secret lab" was actually filmed in the back of a church.
  • The exterior shot of the doors leading into the underground lair were removed from director Stephen Pickering's house and placed in the middle of the field with a light beneath them. They didn't actually lead anywhere. The interior shot looking out the doors as Jack Spencer walks down, were filmed at the house.
  • There was a long discussion regarding what the aliens would look like. It wasn't certain if they should look more like monsters with makeup or humans with costumes. To save time and money, the human/costume idea was decided on.

New Prairie Universe Info

Other Connections

The film is an In-Universe movie. Detailed info about the Unknown Spectre movie can be found here.