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The chronological order of all the movies, shorts, novellas, and podcasts that take place in the New Prairie Universe.

Films (F)
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Novellas (N)
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Short stories (S)
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Podcasts (P)
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Year Title Writer(s) Released
1929-02-09 S "The Darkness Falls" Jeff Bell 2016-11-01
1937-07-12 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 1: The Formula is to Blame-ula" Jeff Bell 2011-12-24
1938-10-16 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 2: Mrs. Hildenberry and her House of Residence" Jeff Bell 2012-06-13
1938-11-13 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 3: What's Black & White and is a Newspaper?" Jeff Bell 2013-06-09
1939-05-07 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 4: So Many Jewels, So Little Time-onds" Jeff Bell 2013-11-03
1940-04-13 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 5: The Bottle Bottle Bottle Bottle Bottle Episode" Jeff Bell 2014-04-13
1940-07-28 P "The Midnight Sleuth - Episode 6: Dr. Terrible’s Listen-At-Home-Radio-Show" Jeff Bell 2014-07-14
1959-02-11 F "Unknown Spectre" Jeff Bell, Dan Casey 2009-08-01
1995-08-18 F "Farm Life's A Killer" Jeff Bell 2005-05-25
1995-10-24 F "To Tom Cortini 2: Return 2 Sender" Jeff Bell, Nathan Weiss 2003-06-12
1995-12-15 F "To Tom Cortini" Jeff Bell 2002-12-15
1995-12-15 F "To Tom Cortini 3: Damaged Goods" Jeff Bell, Nathan Weiss 2003-06-12
2006-08-01 F "Kingdom of Ends" Dan Casey 2008-07-27
2007-10-30 F "Housecall" Jeff Bell 2007-04-22
2008-12-12 F "Dual" Jeff Bell, Stephen Pickering, TJ Hartley 2006-12-09
2011-06-15 F "The Seven Year Wish" T.C. De Witt, Kris Schulz 2011-07-21
2014-06-29 F "Game Day" T.C. De Witt, Kris Schulz, Jesse Stokdyk 2014-05-03
2015-07-24 F "Simon Says: The Fall of a Knight" Jeff Bell, Dan Casey 2011-06-23
2016-05-31 F "The Unpossessors" T.C. De Witt, Kris Schulz 2014-06-26
2017-06-04 F "Mislabeled" Jeff Bell, Dan Casey, AARON Williams 2012-07-21
2017-06-04 F "This One Last Time" Jeff Bell, T.C. De Witt, Kris Schulz 2015-09-01
2018-06-19 F "The Noize" Kris Schulz, T.C. De Witt 2013-07-26
2018-10-05 F "Hi, Neighbor!" Jeff Bell, T.C. De Witt, Kris Schulz 2014-10-28
2084-11-09 F "Afterthought" Jeff Bell, Dan Casey, AARON Williams 2011-07-21
0000-00-00 F "Violet" T.C. De Witt, Chad Halvorsen, Kris Schulz, Jeff Bell 2015-08-21