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This page is all about the main New Prairie timeline that most stories take place in. For the alternate timeline, read the New Prairie (Alternate) entry.


    • 25th - A faction of the Vicci species, calling themselves Nectites, breaks off from the rest fearing they are becoming too powerful for their own good. When confronted, a battle ensues that ultimately destroys the physical form of the Vicci leaving behind evil energy. The energy quickly spreads across the entire world continuing their reign of chaos and possession. The Nectites vow to separate, track down, and capture the evil spirits across the world.



  • MARCH:


    • 8th - Damien Quidd becomes worried about his condition and visits a local doctor. The doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with him but sends him to a lesser known doctor who specializes in strange conditions. That doctor diagnosis Damien as a vampire and bands him from his home.




    • 12th - Damien Quidd meets Victoria Wade in Richmond, Virginia. The two dine and while together afterwards, Damien bites her and turns her into a vampire as well.
    • 13th - Victoria Wade awakens from her sleep and finds the effects of becoming a vampire already taking hold. She realized her overwhelming love for Damien at that moment.



  • APRIL:
    • 6th - Three construction members working on the Quidd mansion mysteriously vanish.



  • JULY:
    • 1st - June Baker is born in the area that would eventually become Chicago, IL.


  • JUNE:
    • 25th - Niccia’s Menominee mother is raped by an English traveler.


  • MARCH:
    • 18th - Niccia is born in a Menominee reservation a few miles north of New Prairie’s future location. Immediately following her birth, the rest of the tribe announces their distaste of the child and mother and shuns them.


    • 1st - Niccia’s mother gives her a necklace that she had her whole life. Niccia’s mother commits suicide in front of their tribe.


    • 22nd - One of the many travelers visiting the trading outpost that will be New Prairie, decides to permanently set up his own business and builds McCleod's Pier.


    • 28th - A white traveler stops at the Menominee tribe that Niccia is staying at. He becomes interested in her and the two spend the evening together. He attempts to take advantage of her, but she retaliates in self defense. Doing so, she swipes her hand towards the traveler and causes a large gash straight across his face and chest. He spasms for a few seconds then falls over dead. Afraid of what had happened; she grabs the traveler’s expensive possessions and flees.


  • MAY:
    • 8th - The tribe that Niccia and her mother belonged to, find she’s been traveling and killing travelers for the last few years. They plan to set a trap for her.
    • 4th - Niccia appears back in the Menominee Tribe area again. The chief of the tribe makes a deal with a friendly white traveler to go to her and bring her back to the tribe.
    • 6th - The white traveler finds Niccia and tricks her into going to where the tribe are waiting for them. The tribe ambushes Niccia and tie her down. Keeping her hands tied and bound behind her, the tribesmen carried her to a prepared burning stake and tied her to it. They lit the fire and burnt her alive. Before dying, she screamed of her return and made a deal with the devil to do so.
    • 7th - The white traveler finds the necklace that Niccia wore, laying on the edge of the smoldering ash from the burning stake and takes it with him.







    • 30th - June Baker is murdered in her house by an unknown handyman. Her body is buried in the basement and the handyman leaves.


  • MARCH:
    • 9th - Rachel Filcher-Martini and mother are abandoned by her father.
    • 12th - Rachel Filcher-Martini’s mother kills herself, leaving her alone.



    • 22nd - Rachel Filcher-Martini meets an older man in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He slips something in her drink, causing her to become drowsy. The man proceeds to rape her and beat her close to death. He drags her body out to the middle of the forest and drops her off.
    • 23rd - Rachel Filcher-Martini wakes up in a semi-dried creek bed, bleeding, clothes ripped and hurt.




    • 1st - Roberto Martini’s wife commits suicide, leaving no reason why she had.





  • JUNE:
    • 5th - Roberto Martini leaves his second wife after finding she’s been keeping money from him.


    • 29th - Victoria Quidd goes looking for a gentleman in Philadelphia to bite, but is captured by an angry mob who knows she’s a vampire. They proceed to hang and burn her alive.
    • 1st - Damien Quidd, afraid that his wife has still not returned, finds through sources that she had been murdered. He proceeds to trash his entire mansion and become depressed.
    • 3rd - Damien Quidd has a vision of his wife who tells him who the people were that murdered her.
    • 4th - Damien Quidd goes into town and murders the 9 members of the mob who killed his wife.
    • 5th - Damien Quidd leaves Pennsylvania and heads to Chicago.
    • 6th - Damien Quidd arrives in Chicago and checks into a hotel downtown.
    • 10th - Damien Quidd sells his lumber company, collects a large 7 digit sum, and purchases the top floor of a building downtown Chicago.


  • MARCH:
    • 14th - Sofia Balfone is born in Palermo, Sicily.
    • 18th - Mr. Harris who took Rachel Filcher-Martini and Stewart in, attempts to rape Rachel in her sleep. Rachel fights back and manages to stab the father in the side of the temple, killing him. His wife soon rushed in to find him dead at Rachel’s feet, to which Rachel started in after her as well. Rachel drags the bodies of the family to the basement where she buries them in the ground under the floorboards of the house.
  • MAY:
  • JUNE:
    • 12th - The townsfolk of Uniontown get suspicious of not having seen the Harris family in almost 3 months. After seeing Rachel Filcher-Martini in town buying some groceries in a great hurry, a group of the townspeople gather together and storm the Harris farm that evening. Arriving at the Harris farm, the townspeople find both Rachel and her son Stewart gone without a trace.




  • MAY:
    • 26th - Nucci Balfone and family arrive in Chicago looking for employment.
    • 7th - Roberto Martini leaves from Palermo to go to New York City.
    • 13th - Roberto Martini arrives in New York City.


    • 3rd - Roberto Martini leaves New York City for Chicago.
    • 10th - Roberto Martini arrives in Chicago. He attempts to find a job, in which he gets one working as a janitor.
    • 14th - Roberto Martini leaves Chicago after being fired from his janitorial job and moves to New Prairie.


  • MARCH:
    • 18th - Nucci Balfone and family arrive in a small town called New Prairie.



    • 23rd - Niccia’s necklace somehow finds it’s way into a jewelry shop located in Chicago.
    • 28th - A man, visiting Chicago for the day, purchases Niccia’s necklace at the jewelry store for his daughter. He leaves that evening for New Prairie.
  • MARCH:
    • 1st - Arriving back in New Prairie, the man gives the necklace to his daughter for her birthday. His daughter loves the necklace and starts wearing it all the time.
    • 6th - The family of the girl owning Niccia’s necklace travel to the country to have a picnic. The area they stop at is the old Cherokee tribe’s grounds, though they are unaware of it. The family start their picnic. After eating, the kids run off to play. While out playing, the daughter wearing Niccia’s necklace stops dead in her tracks.
      • The spirit of Niccia is revived when her necklace is returned to the spot she was killed at. Her spirit fights with the girl’s, causing her to pass out.
      • The others shout for their parents, who arrive to find the daughter on the ground. Unable to awaken her, the family take her back to the car and head back into town.
      • The family arrives at Dr. Rhenderelli's to have her checked out. She awakens feeling dizzy but otherwise okay. The family goes home.
    • 13th - The spirit of Niccia starts taking over the young girl’s body, making her do things she normally doesn’t.
    • 17th - Niccia’s spirit completely takes over the girl. That evening, “Niccia” visits the local pub and seduces an older man traveling through the area. After doing so, she kills him and takes his belongings.
    • 19th - “Niccia” seduces and kills another man for his belongings.
    • 20th - “Niccia” seduces and kills 2 men in a matter of 3 hours.
    • 23rd - Police start getting worried about the number of missing people being reported as of late.
    • 26th - A police officer witnesses “Niccia” attempting to seduce another traveler but stops her before she kills him. He manages to bind and prevent her from attacking them. He takes her to the police station where she’s thrown into a jail cell. The daughter’s father is called to identify the girl and shortly after, news breaks out about what she’s been doing.
    • 27th - An elder Cherokee tribesman who was alive during Niccia’s killing spree, comes to the jail to tell them that it’s a cursed spirit possessing the girl and not the girl herself. Police are skeptical however after being told stories about the crimes, they start believing him when the girl answers to the name of Niccia.
    • 28th - “Niccia” manages to seduce one of her guards into coming into her cell. She attacks him but before she’s able to kill him, more show up and heavily tranquilize her. The guard she seduced is rushed to the hospital.
    • 29th - Early in the morning, the Cherokee tribesman performs an exorcism along with the town’s priest. Niccia’s spirit leaves the girls body and is trapped inside the necklace around her neck. Taking the necklace away, the tribesman and priest lock it in a solid stone case and take it to an unknown location to be buried.
  • APRIL:
    • 4th - The security guard attacked by “Niccia” awakens and starts acting crazy. Dr. Rhenderelli oversees the man and declares him insane from the incident. The hospital takes him to a more secured cell and locks him up for further study.




    • 19th - Roberto Martini and Stewart Filcher have an argument in Roberto’s house. The argument gets so intense, that Stewart somehow makes it burst into flames. Stewart’s step-brother Francis Martini was burnt alive inside his bedroom. Roberto fled the house and watched as it crumbled down around Stewart who purposely stayed inside.
    • 20th - Sifting through the ashes of the burnt house, the town’s folk find the remains of Francis Martini, but no trace of Stewart Filcher.
    • 21st - Funeral held for Francis Martini at what will become Oak Park Cemetery.
    • 1st - Roberto and Rachel Martini purchase a plot of land 10 miles outside of the town and start planning to build a large farm for the two to live on.




    • 9th - Stewart Filcher confronts Sofia Balfone with a present and to confess his love for her. She tells him that she can’t accept the gift from him because her father wouldn’t allow it from someone like him. Giving his present back she turns and leaves him alone in the snow. Angry, Stewart gives into the "darkness" that's been inside him that ultimately turns him into the Dark Killer. He then makes the decision that if he can’t be with her, no one will.
    • 10th - Nucci Balfone is awoken by someone moving around in his house. Getting up to investigate he finds the Dark Killer murdering his daughter Sofia. Attempting to stop him, the Dark Killer starts going after him. In his attempt to get away from him he finds the bodies of the rest of his family, all horribly murdered and laying around the house. The Killer grabs a hold of him and starts hacking away but suddenly stops. He glances up and looks away from Nucci. At that moment, Nucci scrambles to his feet and takes off out of the house, stumbling down the street to the town’s church.
    • 11th - Nucci Balfone is found laying on the front steps to the town church, covered in blood and muttering about a “man in black” killing his whole family. The townspeople go to his house and find his entire family and dog slain. Town’s people later claimed he simply snapped under pressure of being mayor.
    • 12th - Nucci Balfone is kept under watch at Rhenderelli Hospital.
      • Dr. Rhenderelli announces his plans to build a bigger hospital, which would include special areas to house people who need to be watched over.
      • The Balfone family is buried in the cemetery behind St. Murphy’s Church.
    • 18th - Luigi Castanza becomes mayor of New Prairie.
    • 28th - Construction on the Rhenderelli Asylum begins.
  • APRIL:
    • 28th - Maria Lorenzo Sporteino is born in Sicily.


  • MAY:
    • 2nd - Rachel and Roberto Martini are last seen traveling back to their farm house, located a few miles outside of town.
      • Arriving home, Rachel and Roberto Martini come face to face with Stewart Filcher, dressed as his Dark Killer persona. Roberto jumps from the vehicle to yell at him then is killed by a three quick slashes of the machete in Stewart’s hand. Rachel, afraid from the witness murdering of her husband yells and runs away from Stewart, whom promptly catches up to her and tackles her to the ground. She realizes the killer is her son and asks him what happened to him, just before he stabs her with his knife. Stewart, now officially the Dark Killer, drags his mother and step-father’s body’s into the cellar of the house and into a room set off into a food pantry. Then covers up the opening to the pantry using rocks found in the surrounding area.
      • Late in the evening, an elderly couple spot the Dark Killer standing in the middle of the road outside the Martini farm. He stares at them then steps off into the grassy area along the side of the road where he vanishes from sight.
    • 1st - Open land is purchased and planned to house the town’s first major cemetery.
    • 13th - Town citizens start worrying about Rachel and Roberto Martini, for no one has seen them for well over 2 months. The town organizes a party that goes out to see if they’re alright. Upon arriving at the farm, they find the vehicle the Martini’s owned, parked in the courtyard, doors open and the place abandoned.
    • 14th - Police go to the farm and do another search of the area. While doing so, two police officers find a trap door under the floorboards of a shed, which lead into an underground room. Inside the room, the police confiscated items such as an old bed, dresser, a rather large trunk and a photo frame with Rachel Martini inside. Two snapshots of the room were taken prior to the cops taking the items out of it.
    • 17th - A police man’s body was found hanging by his feet in one of the barns, head partially cut off, after the cops received a report from a teenager claiming to see a man dressed all in black lurking around the farm house.
    • 18th - Oak Park Cemetery opens. It’s first residences are Roberto and Rachel Martini.


  • APRIL:
    • 26th - Helen Hornbee is born.
    • 31st - Francis Martini’s grave is found unburied; his body missing and the coffin lid open by the cemetery’s caretaker.
    • 22nd - Clothes matching those that Francis Martini was buried in, were found strewn about the road in front of the Martini farm.



  • APRIL:
    • 1st - Construction begins on The Weaver Hotel.
    • 4th - Hanz Gruchen is elected mayor.


  • JULY:
    • 1st - Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams arrive from 2001. At first they are shocked that they’ve traveled through time. They soon start to sight see.
    • 2nd - The Dark Killer threatens to kill Heather DiNola, Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams unless Kevin sacrifices himself. Later that evening, Kevin and Andy devise a plan to stop the Dark Killer.
    • 4th - Andy Williams and Kevin Stewart put their plan to rid of the Dark Killer in motion. It however backfires and the combination of their machine and the Dark Killer’s powers, the three of them plus Heather DiNola are sent to 1976.
    • 20th - The Weaver Hotel opens for business.


  • JUNE:
    • 21st - Nucci Balfone is found dead in his bed after being strangled by an unknown man. Bruno Rhenderelli follows the muddy footprints that lead outside onto the grounds. The footprints stop mid way through the large cement wall that borders the asylum’s grounds. On his way back to the house, he’s confronted by the Dark Killer who nearly chokes him to death.
    • 22nd - Bruno Rhenderelli is found unconscious on the grounds, some two hundred feet away from where he claims he passed out at. Ranting about the Dark Killer, his own people deem him temporarily insane and commit him to his own asylum.



  • APRIL:
    • 6th - Alfonzo DelFanni is elected mayor.


  • JUNE:
    • 16th - Carol Hartington is born in Chicago, Illinois.
    • 23rd - The Earling opens it’s doors for the first time in downtown New Prairie.




    • 24th - George Bailey wishes he had never been born and is able to see the world without him in it.



  • JULY:
    • 13th - Construction on I-94 starts through New Prairie.
    • 17th - While digging into a mountain side for the road, the construction crew uncovers a small stone box. They take it to the courthouse in New Prairie who look it over.
    • 19th - The stone case makes it into the New Prairie newspaper.
      • An inmate at Rhenderelli Asylum, the security guard from 1920, reads the article, remembers the last time it was opened and starts ranting that it can’t be opened again for it’s evil. The nurses at Rhenderelli dismiss his ranting.
    • 20th - Mayor Alfonzo DelFanni opens the stone case in his office, only to find the Niccia’s necklace inside in perfect condition. Taking the necklace for himself, he gives it to his daughter Lucia.
    • 1st - The new New Prairie High School opens it’s doors.
    • 10th - Teresa Joule is born in Madison, WI.
    • 17th - “Niccia” possesses Lucia DelFanni’s body one evening. She makes Lucia go out into New Prairie on a robbing binge. Remembering what happened the last time, she finds an old abandoned house on the outskirts of town where she keeps the goods she steals.
    • 18th - Lucia DelFanni awakes the next morning with no memory of the previous night’s events.



  • MARCH:
  • MAY:
  • JUNE:
    • 22nd - James Anderton is abandoned by his mother in Union City, New York.
    • 27th - James Anderton is captured by policemen and put into an orphanage in Hoboken, New York.
    • 9th - The final episode of The Midnight Sleuth airs on 1290AM out of Milwaukee, WI, ending its 11 year run.




  • MARCH:
    • 12th - James Anderton runs away from the orphanage in Hoboken, New York and ends up in Queens where he wanders the streets alone.
    • 28th - Lucia DelFanni and her father Alfonzo have an argument over the future of his being mayor of the town. Lucia storms out of the house.
      • 3 hours later, Alfonzo gets a call from the police saying Lucia is on top of the town hall asking for him. He shows up a short time later and the three argue more, during which Alfonzo realizes there’s something odd with his daughter. The two start fighting and “Niccia” almost kills Alfonzo, before being stopped by two other police officers. She backs up to the ledge, slips and falls to the ground. Alfonzo gets to edge in time to see the spirit of Niccia start to leave Lucia’s body. Lucia hits the ground and Niccia’s soul is sucked back into the necklace.
      • Alfonzo rushes to the ground, grabs the necklace and pulls it off Lucia’s neck. Immediately Lucia awakens with a gasp of air.
      • Alfonzo tells the two police officers with him to take Lucia to the hospital. They do.
      • Alfonzo arrives back at his office where he grabs the stone case and throws the necklace back into it. Before shutting it, he grabs a piece of paper and writes a letter explaining the dangers of the necklace. He stuffs it in an envelope and puts it in the case as well.
    • 29th - Alfonzo DelFanni and friend, take a boat into the middle of Lake Michigan, where he drops the stone overboard, to let it sink to the bottom of the ocean. Alfonzo and his friend head back to New Prairie.
      • Alfonzo DelFanni drops out of the Mayor running to be with his family.
  • APRIL:
    • 2nd - Keith Tyler is elected mayor.



  • JUNE:
    • 5th - Judd Fonnerelli graduates from New Prairie High.
    • 21st - A friend of Joseph Hartley comes across a new piece of property in New Prairie and urges Hartley to purchase it and fix it up to sell.
      • Joseph Hartley contacts the city of New Prairie in an attempt to find who currently owns the property. During his conversation with the person, they question him about his interest in the farm. Hartley claims it’s nothing more than financial/business related and the guy reluctantly says he can take care of any paperwork for the purchase of the house.
    • 24th - Joseph Hartley packs up his things and treks off for New Prairie.
    • 25th - Joseph Hartley arrives in New Prairie and travels to the city courthouse where he meets the man he talked to on the phone. There, the two take care of any paperwork and Joseph pays out right in cash the cost for the house. Moments before leaving, the man asks Joseph to sign one more document, the contents of which aren’t divulged. Joseph, eager to be on his way and tired from the trip, signs it without question and leaves the courthouse.
      • Joseph Hartley stops at the town’s moving company and hires 3 men to help him unload his things into the house.
      • Joseph Hartley, and movers, arrive at his new home, the old Martini Farm and starts unloading his things. The movers are extremely scared and nervous the entire time they work. 2 hours into the job, something startles them and all three leave. The leader gives Hartley his money back as he runs to their car and takes off.
    • 30th - Joseph Hartley finishes his examination of the house and grounds and starts doing concept sketches for his repairs and remodeling.
  • JULY:
    • 6th - Joseph Hartley finishes his blueprints for the house remodeling.
    • 7th - Joseph Hartley goes to Abbott Construction and hires a crew to start construction on the house.
    • 23rd - James Anderton meets Janine Foxx as she plays outside her house. She starts talking to him and the two start playing. When her mother asks who her friend is, Janine lies and says it’s a friend from school.
    • 22nd - Judd Fonnerelli leaves for and attends University of Wisconsin: Madison for politics.
    • 30th - The construction crew halts their work on Joseph Hartley's house, claiming cold weather.


    • 1st - 88.6 NPPR goes on the air for the first time.
  • MARCH:
    • 5th - Joseph Hartley attempts to get the crew from Abbott Construction back to work on his house, but they say they’ve got another contract building a home and are busy for at least 3 months.
    • 22nd - Frankie Portone is born in Brooklyn, New York.
  • MAY:
    • 8th - Joseph Hartley contacts Abbott Construction again to try and get their services, but are simply refusing to help him any longer. As a result he decides to finish the construction himself.
    • 29th - Three teens, while out drinking and driving in the country, crashed their vehicle nearby Joseph Hartley/Martini Farm house. The three stumble their way up to the house and talk to an odd acting Hartley. After a few moments, everything goes black.
    • 30th - One of the three teens awakens in time to see Joseph Hartley get his hands chopped off and throat sliced by the Dark Killer. Moments later the other two teens are brutally murdered in similar fashions. The Dark Killer makes his way for the remaining teen and tells him telepathically that he’s going to let him go as a message to other teens. Then everything goes black for the teen.
    • 2nd - Helen Hornbee makes the decision to pack her belongings and go find Jonathan Calvin. She arrives at the Calvin family farm, bags in hand and tells Jonathan how much she loves him. He does likewise to her.
    • 24th - Jonathan Calvin and Helen Hornbee start dating.




  • APRIL:
    • 3rd - Thomas Bertonoli is elected mayor.
  • JUNE:
    • 1st - The one teen of three who vanished in 1955, awakens on the driveway of Martini Farm’s only to find it looking different than when he went in. He stumbles his way to the Police Station, who question his whereabouts for the past 3 years. The teen doesn’t understand where the last 3 years went.
      • The chief of police sends a squad out to the farm to look around. While there, they find the dead and decayed body of Joseph Hartley in the upstairs bedroom and only one of the missing three teens. Coming back to the station, the squad reports what they found and immediately the missing teen is arrested for the murder of them.
    • 4th - The teen is trialed, convicted and sentenced to life at Renderelli Asylum. He’s transported there later that evening.



    • 3rd - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. is born in Queens, New York.
    • 9th - James Anderton goes to Janine Foxx’s house only to find her and her family no longer living there. With no knowledge of where she went, Anderton slowly becomes reclusive having lost his only friend.
  • MAY:


  • MARCH:
  • APRIL:
    • 31st - William Hoyt and Janine Foxx meet at a mutual friend’s New Years Eve party in Rutherford, New York. Drinking the illegally brought in alcohol, the two end up having sex.


    • 1st - Janine Foxx awakens early. Realizing what she had done, she gathers her things and leaves before William Hoyt wakes up.
    • 1st - WNPX Channel 4 goes on the air for the first time.
    • 3rd - Leon Portman is born in Chicago, Illinois.
    • 16th - Steven Haast opens is first business as an electronic thrift store and part time electronic repair.
  • MARCH:
    • 3rd - Zeus Tuscar is born in Chicago, Ill.
    • 11th - Janine Foxx finds out she’s pregnant.


  • MARCH:
    • 14th - Herbert Garrison is born in Detroit, Michigan.
      • Steven Haast, using the money he’s earned, buys a bigger store closer to downtown Manhattan and shifts from a thrift store into primarily new electronics and repair.


  • MAY:
  • JUNE:
    • 4th - William Hoyt graduates High School.
    • 13th - William Hoyt joins the New York Police Academy.
  • JULY:
    • 11th - Teresa Joule and her mother are beaten by her step-father Frank. Frank leaves after beating them and goes to a bar.
    • 12th - Around 2:00AM, Teresa Joule receives a phone call from her step-father saying he crashed his car near Oak Park Cemetery and needs a ride. Teresa, not wanting to wake her mother, goes to pick him up.
      • Teresa Joule arrives at Oak Park Cemetery and finds her stepfather no where to be seen. She wanders into the cemetery where, behind a tombstone, she witnesses the Dark Killer murdering him. She watches first in horror, but then in excitement as the Dark Killer finishes Frank off. The Dark Killer turns to her and she blacks out.
    • 15th - Teresa Joule awakens in Rhenderelli Asylum, where she’s being kept for the time being.
    • 5th - Teresa Joule starts changing her clothing style to match that of the Dark Killer.
    • 28th - Teresa Joule confronts the Dark Killer at the Martini Farm. Not afraid, she stands her ground as he approaches her. Unsure of her lack of fear, he speaks to her through telepathy, asking why she’s not afraid. She tells him (out loud) that he had killed her stepfather, whom she hated, and wanted to join him. He tells her that no one “joins” him. She tells him she wants to be with him, finding him attractive. He tells her she needs to prove she’s willing to live a life like his. She says she will and suddenly blacks out.
    • 30th - Teresa Joule wakes up and finds herself standing near the courthouse downtown.
    • 31st - Part of The Weaver Hotel mysteriously collapses, killing 200 people attending a New Years Eve party.


    • 3rd - The Weaver Hotel officially closes it’s doors. The building is left in it’s current half destroyed state.


  • APRIL:
    • 5th - William Hoyt goes out on a ride along with a New York police officer. While out, the officer pulls over a drunk driver, who turns and fires upon the officer.
    • 19th - William Hoyt joins the New York Police Department as the youngest member ever.
  • JUNE:
    • 15th - Jason Hindwither graduates high school in Seattle, Washington.
    • 29th - Vito and Maria (senior) Sporteino are gunned down by a hitman in New York City.
    • 18th - Jason Hindwither moves to Peoria, Ill where he attends Bradley University for broadcasting.




  • MAY:
    • 5th - William Hoyt nearly foils a scheme designed by Vinnie Sporteino, which almost gets Vinnie himself arrested. Quick thinking and talking by Sonny Bellini saves Vinnie. Vinnie shows his disgust at Hoyt’s actions and tells him so.
    • 12th - Vinnie Sporteino realizes that William Hoyt is more of a nuisance than good to his organization and plans to get rid of him somehow.
      • Vinnie Sporteino visits Anthony Zuitco, Sr. to discuss a deal that would have Zuitco handing over 3/4 of his grocery business to Vinnie in exchange for free housing. Zuitco refuses the deal, claiming to be insulted by the mere suggestion of such a thing and refusing to deal with a mobster such as himself. Vinnie tells him that he won’t get off easy from this deal and one way or another, he would own that store.
    • 13th - Vinnie Sporteino, obsessed with getting the store for his business, decides the easiest way to solve all his recent problems is to get rid of both the Zuitco’s and William Hoyt.
      • Vinnie plans to have the Zuitco’s murdered by a gunman and have William Hoyt accused of doing the killing.
    • 17th - James Anderton is hired by Vinnie Sporteino to shoot and kill Anthony Zuitco, Sr., his wife Francesca and their son Anthony Jr.
      • William Hoyt is contacted by Vinnie Sporteino, stating he wants him to meet him at the grocery store belonging to the Zuitco’s, under the pretense that he’s gonna help him get Anthony Sr. to sign over the store.
    • 19th - Francis Portone contacts the city police, claiming to know that a hit is going to go down outside the Zuitco Family Store at a certain time. Police take the tip and race to the location.
      • James Anderton shoots and kills Anthony Zuitco, Sr. and his wife Francesca outside of their shop in Greenwich Village, New York. Anthony Jr. is inside hiding and comes out just in time to see Anderton take off down the street.
      • William Hoyt shows up on the scene and is arrested by the arriving policemen, claiming to be tipped off about him planning to kill the couple.
      • James Anderton returns to Vinnie Sporteino’s warehouse and receives money for his duty.
      • William Hoyt is taken to jail where numerous files and reports suddenly appear showing his connection to numerous recent killings, violations, and dealings. Hoyt is sentenced to 30 years in jail for his crimes.
    • 20th - James Anderton runs into Janine Foxx and her 7-year-old son as he returns home. The two reminisce about the time that has passed since seeing one another.
    • 21st - In the early morning, James Anderton mentions to Janine Foxx of their childhood dream of living together on the west coast. Janine says she still wants to go out there. James suggests they should right now, using the money he recently acquired from Vinnie Sporteino. Janine agrees.
    • 29th - Janine Foxx, James Anderton, and Jackson Foxx start off for Seattle, Washington.
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 8th - William Hoyt hires a lawyer/investigator to find a way to prove him innocent.
    • 23rd - Rocco Bellini moves to an apartment Greenwich Village.



  • JUNE:
    • 1st - 96.6 WFIX goes on the air for the first time.
    • 9th - Jack Ridley and his mom leave his father to move to Racine, WI.
    • 27th - Jake Calvin starts his freshmen year at New Prairie High.
    • 10th - Carol Hartington realizes she’s in too deep with Bruno Fanucci’s rival gang and gives false information in hopes that Bruno will get the edge and murder the rival leader.
    • 19th - The leader of Bruno Fanucci’s rival gang finds out that the information given by Carol Hartington was fake. He sends a few of his goons out to rid her.
    • 21st - Helen and Steven Fanucci, mistaken for Carol Hartington and Michael Fanucci, are murdered in their house by an anonymous man.
    • 22nd - Bruno Fanucci’s rival gang leader realizes Carol Hartington wasn’t killed. He personally oversees her killing.
    • 23rd - Carol Hartington is murdered in the elevator on her way home.


  • MAY:
  • JULY:
    • 18th - Sonny Bellini comes across Anthony Zuitco, Jr. while buying some food. He notices Anthony’s large size and asks if he has a job. Anthony says no and Sonny says he can get him one.
      • Sonny Bellini arrives at Vinnie Sporteino’s warehouse with Anthony Zuitco, Jr. entail. Introducing him only as Anthony, Vinnie refuses to hire the boy on, fearing him to suffer the same fate that a previous childhood friend did. Sonny convinces Vinnie to give him a try and he does.
    • 23rd - Vinnie Sporteino, Sonny Bellini and Anthony Zuitco, Jr. go shopping for goods. While out, they run into someone who hates Vinnie. The man pulls out a gun and fires a few shots at him, but they’re blocked by Anthony jumping in the way. Anthony takes off for the man and beats him down. By that time, the police have arrived and arrested the man. Vinnie’s opinion of Anthony has changed.
      • Later at the hospital, Vinnie informs Anthony that he will keep him as his personal bodyguard, for if he’s willing to take a bullet and still go after the shooter, he’s tougher than anyone he’s known.
    • 21st - Janine Foxx dies of a drug overdose in Seattle, Washington.
    • 25th - Janine Foxx is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle, Washington.


  • JUNE:
    • 4th - William Hoyt’s lawyer/investigator finds a “missing file” from the police report that states the bullet found in the Zuitco’s bodies didn’t match the size in his gun.
    • 13th - William Hoyt’s lawyer gets the court to reopen Hoyt’s case.
    • 16th - P.I. Kathy Roleoni is born in Madison, WI.
    • 19th - Prudence Tracy is born.
    • 8th - William Hoyt’s lawyer calls for a session and his case is reopened. During the reinvestigation, it is found that the reports that cited him being connected to numerous murders and acts of violence had mysteriously vanished. Also, it is revealed that the bullet used to kill the Zuitco’s didn’t match that of those found in Hoyt’s police issue gun.
    • 10th - The judge acquits William Hoyt of all crimes against him and releases him a free man.
      • Leaving the jail later that day, Hoyt goes immediately to the police station and informs them of the location to Vinnie Sporteino’s hidden warehouse/base of operation.
    • 11th - At 6:00AM in the morning, Vinnie Sporteino’s main base of operation is raided by the cops, catching Vinnie, Sonny Bellini and numerous others off their guard. Everyone is arrested. William Hoyt personally oversees Vinnie’s arrest and even rides in the squad car that’s taking him and Sonny to jail.
      • Frankie Portone manages to escape from the police and hides out in an abandoned theater downtown.
      • After boasting to Vinnie Sporteino that he’s not the “smart man” he claims to be, another squad car rams into the side of their vehicle sending it into a ditch alongside the road. Hoyt is knocked unconscious. Vinnie and Sonny Bellini are released from the vehicle by Anthony Zuitco, Jr., who had taken control of the other squad. The three take the second squad car and flee the city.
      • A few hours later, William Hoyt awakens and finds Vinnie Sporteino, Sonny Bellini, and Anthony Zuitco, Jr. missing.
    • 14th - Frankie Portone heads to his home to hide.
    • 15th - Sonny Bellini, Vinnie Sporteino, and Anthony Zuitco, Jr. arrive in New Prairie after fleeing from police in New York.
    • 16th - Frankie Portone is contacted by Vinnie Sporteino and told to come to New Prairie to meet up with them. Frankie gathers a few of his personal belongings, steals some money from his foster father’s wallet and buys a bus ticket to New Prairie.
    • 18th - Vinnie Sporteino contacts a few of the members of The Family that got away from the police and informs them of their current location in New Prairie. Frankie Portone is one of them.


  • MARCH:
    • 23rd - F.K. Smith is born in Tajikistan.
    • 29th - Taylor Fanucci is born in Chicago, Ill. Within 2 hours, he is taken out of the hospital and place under close watch in a private house almost 100 miles North West of town.
  • APRIL:
  • JUNE:
    • 3rd - Maggie Loveland graduates from New Prairie High.
    • 9th - Michael Fanucci is tipped off anonymously as to the current location of the murderer of his mother and younger brother. Bruno Fanucci denies Michael to go alone and tells him he’ll meet him at the corner of East Monroe and Wabash.
      • Michael Fanucci arrives at the meeting point but his father doesn’t. After waiting for 30 minutes, Michael eventually sets off on his own to the tipped location.
      • Arriving at the location, Michael Fanucci finds his mother/brother’s assassin has already hung himself in his bathroom.
      • Bruno Fanucci is confronted by Dorian Haff in his penthouse office building. There, Dorian misinterprets Bruno’s comments on how he doesn’t deserve to live anymore, blaming himself for his wife and child’s death, as Bruno telling him to kill him.
      • Michael Fanucci angrily arrives back at his father’s penthouse.
      • Dorian Haff shoots Bruno Fanucci in the chest 2 times.
      • Michael Fanucci, arriving at the door, hears gunshots.
      • Dorian Haff quickly ducks out through a back passageway upon hearing the door move.
      • Bursting in, Michael Fanucci only sees his father clutching his chest and laying on his desk. Michael watches his father die silently. Moments later, the police burst in and arrest Michael for the death of his father. They arrest him and take him to jail.
    • 10th - Police charge Michael Fanucci for the murder of his father, claiming the bullet found in Bruno’s body matches his gun.
    • 18th - Maggie Loveland meets Vinnie Sporteino at Partone’s Restaurant when she waits on his table. The two talk through to closing.
    • 22nd - Vinnie Sporteino goes to Partone’s Restaurant specifically to see Maggie Loveland again.
    • 26th - Mayor Judd Fonnerelli is accused of threatening the life of a fellow employee.



  • APRIL:
    • 28th - Jake Calvin graduates from the La Crosse Police Academy with Honor.
  • MAY:
    • 4th - Andy Williams, Kevin Stewart, Heather DiNola and the Dark Killer arrive from 1935 but the three arrive at a different location then the Dark Killer. Heather is awestruck at the future. Kevin and Andy attempt to find where the Dark Killer went to. The three rent a room at the Nickle Motel just outside of town.
    • 7th - Jake Calvin gets a job as a night watchman at the Stinson Public Library.
    • 12th - The Earling closes its doors due to “financial problems”.
    • 14th - Chandler Bingham is born.
    • 15th - Heather DiNola, while enthused to see the future, starts to long for her time. Her, Andy Williams and Kevin Stewart find the Dark Killer only to be chased around by him instead of vice versa. While running, the three get separated. Trying to find the others, Heather comes across her old house still standing. She knocks on the door and comes face to face with her older self. Going in, she talks with her older self, who tells her that her biggest regret was leaving to go back to 1939 because Kevin never came with. Young Heather realizes she wants to stay with Kevin and the moment before she can thank herself, the Dark Killer shows up and murders Older Heather right in front of her. Younger Heather freaks out and takes off out of the house where she meets back up with Andy and Kevin.
      • The three run downtown to a small shop on the corner of Morte and Perdita, to which the Dark Killer follows. There the 4 “battle” one another. During the process, Kevin accidentally starts a fire inside the shop, temporarily hindering the Dark Killer. The three escape the burning building, which quickly grows and spreads through half of the city, destroying everything in its path.
      • Some buildings, however, mysteriously survived through the blaze, such as Coppernoll, Burke and Associates and St. Murphy’s Church.
      • Thinking the Dark Killer is dead, Andy Williams, Kevin Stewart and Heather DiNola plan on going back to 1935 to drop her off before going back to their time. Heather says she wants to stay with Kevin, whom more than happily agrees and the three travel to 2001.
  • JUNE:
    • 19th - Joel Boyer is born.
    • 24th - Vinnie Sporteino promotes Frankie Portone to Weapons Expert.
      • Zeus Tuscar crashes into the Chicago Metro support beam while trying to escape some enemies. He’s recovered by paramedics and rushed to the hospital. The doctors fix his broken legs, arm and stitch the gash across the top of his head, but keep him for recovery purposes.
    • 25th - Robert Smith is born.
    • 28th - Claire Fonnerelli is born.
  • JULY:
    • 15th - Amanda Mendel is born.
    • 17th - J.P. Derelli arrives in town and promises he will rebuild the whole downtown to a greater state than it had ever been before.
    • 29th - Joseph Martin is born.
    • 7th - Crew members abandoned the original site for where the Derelli Towers would stand, fearing the location would be too unstable for the massive buildings once completed. The excavated land was left in its state as the crew moved on to find a new location.
    • 10th - A new location for the Derelli Towers is found, 6 blocks north of the original area. The area is the condemned portion of town where the fire was believed to have started. Construction begins again.
    • 18th - Zeus Tuscar is released from the hospital.
    • 1st - Dominic Tracy is born.
    • 29th - Construction on JPGVault#1 completes.


  • MARCH:
  • APRIL:
    • 4th - Haast Enterprises forces two smaller owned telephone companies in the surrounding area out of business.
    • 22nd - A massive rainfall hits the town, flooding lower elevation areas and washing out acres of cropland outside the city.
    • 23rd - Reviewing the damage from the rain, city officials find that the ex-site for the Derelli Towers has now flooded over into a man-made lake of sorts. Uncertain of what to do, J.P. Derelli steps in and says he will turn the land into a park for the city.
    • 28th - Vinnie Sporteino purchases the town’s newspaper and oversees it’s running.
  • MAY:
  • JULY:
    • 4th - Elle LaBelle gets bitten by a snake while viewing fireworks.
    • 19th - Jake Calvin gets a job working for the Sauk County Police Department.
    • 29th - Vinnie Sporteino personally oversees a hit on a man by following underground through New Prairie’s abandoned subway tunnels. While walking through, he finds a section of the old subway that has been recently blocked off. Finding an opening, he slips through only to find a brand new tunnel. Following the tunnel, he finds that it comes to the basement of Derelli Towers.
    • 2nd - Vinnie Sporteino contacts J.P. Derelli and purposes a plan to protect him from ‘outside harm’ in exchange of a few floors in the Derelli Towers and access to the tunnel he found. Derelli agrees and sets aside 5 floors of the towers for him.
    • 14th - Vinnie Sporteino finds that tunnel he found stops just shy of an underground nightclub called TJ’s. He contacts the owner of TJ’s and sets up a meeting with him.
    • 15th - Vinnie Sporteino talks with the owner of TJ’s and strikes up a deal so he can use the nightclub’s ‘secret rooms’ for his business deals.
    • 17th - Vinnie Sporteino contacts the same construction crew working on building the Derelli Towers and tells them he would like to have a small tunnel stretch from the end of Derelli tunnel into a secret entrance of TJ’s.



  • MARCH:
    • 22nd - Carlo Bellini finishes his first book, a mammoth “biography” of his life with his family. Harrison Braski reads the book and loves every page. He starts hunting around New York for a buyer of his book.
  • MAY:
    • 2nd - Carlo Bellini’s first book enters the charts.
    • 11th - Levi Trevino starts production on his film Hackintosh.
    • 19th - Carlo Bellini’s first book enters the Hot Seller’s list at number 14.
    • 27th - The Derelli Towers opens its doors after 3 years worth of construction.
    • 29th - Carlo Bellini’s first book becomes a number one best seller in the nation. He’s interviewed by the New York Times about his sudden rise to fame. During the interview, Carlo states that every word of the story is true.


    • 19th - Jeffrey Filcher’s birth father drops him off at an orphanage and leaves.
  • JUNE:
    • 22nd - Roger Garison is named Police Chief of the New Prairie Police Department.
    • 30th - Michael Fanucci comes across some old photographs of his father’s penthouse, taken on the day of his killing. Upon closer inspection, he sees a Dorian Haff rushing out the front door of the penthouse. Michael calls Dorian and arranges a meeting on the roof of Michael’s penthouse.
  • JULY:
    • 2nd - Michael Fanucci and Dorian Haff meet on the roof of Michael’s penthouse. During their conversation, Dorian confesses his crime and begs Michael to kill him. Michael initially refuses, but then fires three shots into Dorian’s back, sending him over the ledge of the building and onto the ground below.
    • 30th - The groundwork for James T. Welks High School is broken and construction begins.


  • JULY:
    • 21st - Jake Calvin stops a trio of armed robbers as they made their getaway. He in turns saves over $400,000 worth of goods.
    • 22nd - The Chicago Police Commissioner promotes Jake Calvin to Sergeant and gives him a desk job.
    • 23rd - Jake Calvin finishes the paperwork on the robbery he prevented. Doing so he finds that all three men had previously or were working for Vinnie Sporteino.
    • 4th - Jake Calvin starts finds a file of an unsolved case. He decides that during his free time or in between cases, he’ll try to solve the case.
    • 31st - Jake Calvin solves the unsolved case and send a troupe of policemen to the real murderer’s house. The man is arrested moments before the ball drops.


    • 2nd - Jake Calvin is awarded a special honor for solving the unsolved case. He meets the Chicago Mayor for lunch.
  • MARCH:
  • APRIL:
    • 8th - Sonny Bellini is arrested during a drug deal when his buyer turns out to be a cop.
    • 27th - At middle school, Andy Williams gives Kevin Stewart his candy bar so he can in turn give it to Karen McCarthy. Karen bites into the bar and starts freaking out due to the fact that she’s lactose intolerant. Kevin runs away and hides in the bushes. Andy finds him sometime later.
  • MAY:
    • 8th - Karen McCarthy’s father issues a restraining order on Kevin Stewart.
    • 28th - During the school talent show, Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams act out a “play” based on Star Wars. While stepping out on stage to perform, Kevin trips on the curtain and falls into the orchestra pit. He’s taken to the hospital to be treated for two broken legs.
    • 30th - Karen McCarthy and her father move to L.A.
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 4th - Elle LaBelle falls off a small bridge she’s standing on to view the fireworks but safely lands in the water below.





  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 4th - Emma LaBelle accidentally steps on a piece of wood with a nail sticking out of it, which causes her foot to become infected and puts her up onto crutches for three weeks.
    • 25th - Emma LaBelle gets off her crutches.
    • 5th - Hillary Quercioli meets Leon Portman in Chicago.
    • 8th - Michael Fanucci hears about Vinnie Sporteino through his contacts.
    • 12th - Michael Fanucci calls Vinnie Sporteino and asks for a meeting with him.
    • 13th - Michael Fanucci and Vinnie Sporteino meet in Chicago to discuss a partnership over time with one another, helping each other’s business’ out. The two agree on a deal.
    • 28th - Nathan Myers is dared by the school bully, William Quercioli, to spend 3 hours alone in Oak Park Cemetery. Nathan Myers goes to Oak Park Cemetery to fulfill his dare. Shortly after Quercioli himself shows up in an attempt to scare Nathan. When he fails to scare him, he starts arguing with Nathan and eventually starts hitting him. A minute later, Nathan falls into an open grave, breaking his neck and instantly killing himself. William Quercioli flees the cemetery. Winston Cooke, Oak Park Cemetery’s groundskeeper, finds Nathan’s body and takes it to the underground catacombs beneath the cemetery.
    • 31st - Nathan Myers awakens inside a catacomb beneath Oak Park Cemetery, alive but not at the same time. Winston Cooke explains that the catacombs hold a mysterious life-giving power that re-grew his body. Winston explains that Nathan can never go back to his real life, for if he is away from the catacombs for too long, his body will deteriorate again.
    • 4th - Lt. Logan Myers declares his son Nathan Myers legally missing.
    • 5th - Jay Terrance and girlfriend Penelope are in the school auditorium loading lights for an upcoming play when the supports of the lighting scaffolding give way, causing Penelope to fall to her death. Jay is unharmed even though he fell with her.
    • 8th - James T. Welks High School has their Homecoming Dance.
    • 24th - Nathan Myers, attempting to put his past life behind him, goes the rivers edge and throws the clothes he wore the night he died into the river. He abandons the name Nathan Myers and takes the name One temporarily.
    • 30th - Nathan Myers is assumed dead after police find his clothing washed up on the shore of the river. After hearing the news, Lt. Logan Myers mentally breaks down.


  • APRIL:
    • 3rd - Mitchell Falcone runs into Jack Rupert in New Prairie. The two start talking, and after Jack mentions his recently opened company, Mitchell shows his interest in joining in with him and growing the business further.
  • JUNE:
    • 4th - Thad Abbott graduates from New Prairie High.
    • 8th - After work, one evening, Lt. Susan Ferelli meets a member of Vinnie Sporteino’s men at ‘Jumpers’. After a few drinks, the member mentions to Susan how Vinnie is attempting to get information on something but due to restrictions within the police files, he couldn’t. The two split for the evening.
    • 11th - Lt. Susan Ferelli looks into the police records and finds the information that Vinnie Sporteino was looking for. After work, she drops it off on Vinnie’s front porch with a note telling him that if he needs her help again, just to call.
    • 15th - Thad Abbott goes into boot camp.
    • 3rd - Thad Abbott is shipped overseas to fight in Desert Storm.
    • 8th - Lt. Logan Myers breaks his year-long depression.
    • 23rd - Sonny Bellini travels to New York to visit his younger brother Carlo to tell him to stop writing stories that bash their family’s name. Carlo is murdered by an ex-friend shortly after Sonny leaves. While leaving Sonny runs across an art gallery, where he stops and is mesmerized by (and later purchases) a painting called “A Chi Il Pacchetto Va”.



  • MARCH:
  • APRIL:
  • MAY:
    • 6th - Mitchell Falcone is contacted by Clive Kaden's parents saying that since the injection, Clive has started showing signs of telekinesis. Mitchell sees this as a step in the correct direction.
    • 22nd - Eugene Niron attends his Junior Prom. During the dance, a group of bullies de-pants him and he leaves, embarrassed and upset.
    • 24th - Eugene Niron doesn’t go back to school, instead, he drops out.
    • 29th - Kevin Stewart is voted “Class Clown” by the graduating class.
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 1st - Jonathan Calvin is diagnosed with cancer.
    • 29th - Kevin Stewart starts his freshmen year of college in Chicago for architecture. Andy Williams starts his freshmen year of college in New York for interior design and architecture.
    • 10th - Eugene Niron is promoted to a waiter at Partone’s Restaurant.
    • 17th - Steven Haast finds that Mitchell Falcone is the one who created the formula that cured Clarissa Thaems. He contacts Falcone and asks if they can meet to discuss a deal.
    • 19th - Steven Haast and Mitchell Falcone meet to discuss the formula and a business deal for the two. Falcone rejects Haast’s offer of $500,000 for the formula plus a co-creator title. He states that in order for a deal to happen, the money will have to be “ten times greater at a minimum”. Falcone leaves an upset and angered Haast.
    • 23rd - Steven Haast decides that if money can’t persuade Mitchell Falcone then perhaps brute force will. He hires a few goons working for Vinnie Sporteino, to follow and harass Falcone.
    • 24th - The first goon follows Mitchell Falcone and nearly runs him off the road while tailing him. The disturbance is seen by Gravestone who follows the goon back to Steven Haast’s headquarters where he sees the two conversing.
    • 25th - Gravestone starts watching Haast Enterprises and Steven Haast.
    • 29th - Mitchell Falcone files a complaint with the police department about being harassed by Steven Haast’s men. Haast denies he has any connection to the goons and is let off the hook. Vinnie Sporteino’s men are arrested and jailed for three months for stalking and public disturbance.
    • 30th - Steven Haast, angry that his intimidation isn’t working, decides he’s going to steal the formula on the 3rd of November. Gravestone overhears his plans.
    • 3rd - Gravestone confronts Steven Haast moments before Haast plans on stealing the formula at Falcone’s house. The two argue and start fighting, ultimately leading to a car chase across town in which a well-placed move by Haast causes Gravestone to lose his right eye. Haast gets away and Gravestone adapts a black eye patch and adds Haast to his enemies list.
    • 4th - Gravestone finds a solid black cat deep in the catacombs that seem to exhibit supernatural powers.
    • 7th - The solid black cat appears again to Gravestone in the catacombs. He decides to take the cat in and names him Midnight.


    • 3rd - The yearly profits for Forrest Age Products is calculated and it’s revealed to have become a multi-million dollar company.
    • 17th - Ian Grada arrives in an open field just outside of town from 2025, holding his time machine and a few personal belongings. Immediately he realizes that his invention can be dangerous, so he heads for Cambiare Rock where he buries his machine under a rock.
      • David Ricci from 1995 arrives to find Ian Grada burying the time machine. There the two spend the next 3 days going around town, leaving clues for Ian in case he ever needed to find it.
    • 19th - Ian Grada and David Ricci finish leaving clues throughout town. Ian rents a small apartment three blocks away from the Derelli Towers. There at his apartment, David says he’ll help Ian wipe his memory of the location of his machine. But before doing so, David writes a note that he leaves in Ian’s pocket. He wipes his friend’s memory and takes the time machine he brought back to his present.
    • 3rd - Dustin Thompson gets a job at Hicks & Abbott Architectural Firm, located in the Derelli Towers.
    • 7th - Sonny Bellini is arrested for committing fraud in his own company.
    • 26th - Hillary and Leon Portman decide to move to New Prairie to start their family. Zeus Tuscar follows along with them.
    • 27th - Leon Portman goes to New Prairie to look at a house he found through a connection in town. He offers a deal to the buyer who accepts. As part of the deal, the seller will pretend that Leon didn’t buy it in order to trick Hillary.
    • 28th - Hillary and Leon Portman go to New Prairie to find a place to live. While there, they come across a house for sale that’s perfectly their size and in their price range. However, they arrive just after someone had already put a bid on the house. They leave disappointed.
  • MARCH:
    • 2nd - Leon Portman tells his wife Hillary that he wants to go back to New Prairie to check something out. Back in town, she questions why he’s driving towards the house they looked at. Pulling into the driveway, Leon tells her he wants to go look at the house one last time. She tells him that it’s trespassing but when Leon produces the key after telling her that it’s not if they own the house, Hillary realizes Leon was the one who put a bid on the house all along.
    • 5th - Hillary and Leon Portman move back to New Prairie and into their new home.
    • 23rd - Hillary Portman gets a job at Forrest Age Products as Jack Rupert’s secretary.
  • JUNE:
    • 16th - Sonny Bellini is released from jail.
    • 18th - Jonathan Calvin dies of cancer.
    • 24th - The funeral for Jonathan Calvin is held.
    • 30th - Nate Jackson and his parents move to New Prairie.
  • JULY:





    • 3rd - Karri Foster and Matt Miller become engaged.
    • 18th - A family friend of Michael J. Bayheimer contacts him ask for help with a script they're working on. At first, Michael refuses but soon caves and offers his assistance. After a quick read through, Michael offers up a new spin on the story which gradually builds into a brand new story altogether. The family friend asks Michael to help rewrite the script entirely, which Michael reluctantly accepts.
  • MARCH:
    • 11th - Simon Teggert's grandfather shows him how to play chess for the first time. Simon immediately gets the hang of the game.
    • 13th - The script for Constant is bought by a studio in Hollywood and immediately put into production.
  • APRIL:
  • MAY:
    • 13th - Garrett Moore attends the New Prairie High Physics Day at Great America. Ashley Sheppard also attends Physics Day but from Craig High School in Janesville, Wi. During the day, Garrett and his friends continue to run into Ashley. By the end of the day, the two groups of teens eat together. While eating, Garrett and Ashley find that they’re both going to Steven’s Point for college. Ashley writes down her name and tells Garrett to find her when he gets there. The two head back to their respective buses and part.
    • 14th - Prudence Tracy gets an internship at a publishing house in Racine, Wisconsin where she will be staying for the summer.
    • 16th - While backing out of the parking lot at New Prairie High, Kirsten Bellini hit’s the back end of Dominic Tracy’s car. The two bicker at one another and Dominic accuses Kirsten of liking him again and purposely backing into his car.
    • 20th - While at Frostie Freeze, Chandler Bingham is trash canned by 2 members of the football team after being asked to be videotaped for the yearbook video.
    • 23rd - Dominic Tracy hits Kirsten Bellini in the face with a football purposely and accidentally just to talk to her. His feelings since she ran into him are starting to come out. However, he realizes he’s getting “soft” and leaves. Chandler Bingham reveals his true feelings for Kirsten and the two set up a date.
    • 24th - Chandler Bingham and Kirsten Bellini go on a date to see Ace Ventura: Pet Detective at The Earling. Taking her home, Chandler requests that she no longer talk to Dominic anymore, cuz it makes him feel uncomfortable. She refuses and the date ends bitterly. Kirsten goes inside and calls Dominic Tracy, asking to see him at school the following day.
    • 25th - Kirsten Bellini meets up with Dominic Tracy. Dominic tells her that he’s afraid of failing his Pre-Calc final and she offers her assistance in teaching him. He agrees.
      • 7:00pm - Kirsten and Dominic get together to study for his final exam.
    • 27th - Kirsten Bellini & Dominic Tracy study at his house.
    • 29th - Kirsten Bellini & Dominic Tracy go to The Rotary together, to simply hang out. However, while there, the two end up kissing. Chandler Bingham is also there, taking photographs of the two. He dials Elle LaBelle and tells her what’s happening. Later the two end up back at Kirsten’s house where they make out more. Elle shows up and spots the two starting to go at it on the couch, gets upset and leaves. Elle arrives at Wenus Sacco’s house where she informs her of what’s happening. Then concocts a plan to break them up. She calls and informs Chandler that she’s going to break the two up and because he informed her about it, the breakup will prove prime opportunity to swoop in and “save” Kirsten for himself.
    • 30th - Elle LaBelle meets up with Kirsten Bellini at school the following day and casually mentions false information about Dominic Tracy, which upsets her.
      • 7:00pm - Dominic shows up at Kirsten's house and she confronts him about what Elle told her. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. Kirsten tells him she never wants to see or hear from him again and tells him to leave. He goes back to his car only to meet up with Elle who tells him that there’s never gonna be anything between them either. Chandler Bingham sits across the street from Kirsten Bellini’s house, watching the events unfold. Once Dominic leaves, he makes his way around the back of the house to a weeping Kisten, whom he precedes to comfort.
  • JUNE:
    • 9th - The album Fresh Faces by Foolish Creeper is released.
    • 13th - Prudence Tracy gets fired from her internship after being caught by her boss smoking half of the warehouse of books.
    • 19th - Wenus Sacco leaves for Steven's Point, Wisconsin to go to College.
    • 20th - Hillary Portman goes to the doctor complaining of her random state of nausea. Doctor does tests and finds that Hillary is pregnant. Later that night she informs her husband Leon and he’s ecstatic about the news.
    • 21st - Elle LaBelle, Garrett Moore, and Ashley Sheppard leave their respective homes for Stevens Point to go to College. Chandler Bingham leaves for New York Institute of Technology to go to College. Harold Meltzner leaves for Harvard University to go to College.
      • While moving his things in, Garrett Moore is greeted by Ashley Sheppard who tells him she lives on the floor below him. Ashley helps him finish moving in.
    • 4th - A twenty-four-year-old woman is found dead and drained of most of her blood on the outskirts of town on County Road JJ. Two strange marks are found on her neck which starts the rumor that she was killed by a vampire. While most of the police squad denies this being the reason, some members are still skeptical.
    • 5th - Lt. Logan Myers hears of Detective Jack Ridley being a paranormal detective and calls him up hoping he could shed some light on the situation. Jack Ridley arrives in New Prairie. He’s greeted by Lt. Logan Myers at the police station who takes Ridley to the morgue and view the body of the murdered lady. Upon his initial viewing, he spots two bite marks and says that it appears that there’s a vampire on the loose in the city. Myers admits that it’s hard to accept the idea of a Vampire being real, but Ridley reassures him that if there is, he’ll get him.
    • 8th - A man is brutally killed and found dead in Rotary Park. The police call Jack Ridley to the scene where he finds what appears to be an entirely open mouth bite mark on the victim's wrist. Ridley comments that it looks like the work of a vampire but finds it odd that a vampire would bite that way on the wrist. He says most don’t sink all their teeth in, usually just their incisors.
    • 13th - Jack Ridley confronts the vampire who’s been killing people in New Prairie. The vampire informs Jack that he’s the last piece of the spell that he needs to bring “him” back. The vampire disables Jack, takes some of his blood from an open wound and finishes the incantation completing the spell. Jack regains enough strength to attack and kill the vampire. Jack doesn’t know what the spell did but is sure it wont bring anything good about.
    • 18th - Mitchell Falcone tells business partner Jack Rupert that he finally has finished perfecting the formula that cured Clarissa Thaems and he wants to use it to grow Hazdon Industries into a multi-billion a year company. Jack doesn’t like Mitchell’s ways of business and tells him no. Mitchell gets furious and demands to go ahead with his idea; however, Jack overrules his say, being president and top CEO of the company. He then fires Mitchell, who in a fit of anger kicks Jack’s desk out his top floor office window and down to the ground below. He tells Jack that he’ll make him change his mind or pay for his decision and storms out.
    • 24th - Damien Quidd awakes from the dead in his old mansion in Pennsylvania, the result in the vampire worshiper’s sacrifices in New Prairie. There he’s greeted by his wife Victoria who tells him he needs to create an army to fight the impending war. Soon, Damien realizes he’s stronger than before and also has a invulnerability to stakes to the chest.
    • 9th- Mitchell Falcone, under the fake name Flamenco T. Chille, contacts Jackson Foxx and tells him he wants his help to bring some order to the Hazdon company.
    • 10th - While at Hazdon, Jackson Foxx purposely spills coffee onto Hillary Portman’s desk. A little splashes on her and she uses her handkerchief to clean up the dabs. Jackson apologizes profusely as Hillary goes to the bathroom to clean herself up, leaving her handkerchief behind. Jackson waits for her to be out of sight and slyly grabs it off her desk.
    • 12th - Hillary Portman asks her husband Leon, where her handkerchief is. Hillary decides that after having flu-like symptoms for the past few days, she should go to the doctor. There, she finds that she’s pregnant. Hillary arrives home and tells Leon the good news. Overly excited, he holds a party for all their friends that night.
    • 14th - Hillary Portman is smothered by Mitchell Falcone, using her own handkerchief, as she was walking to her car late at night after work. Falcone leaves the body in the parking lot and hides around the corner of the building to watch as ex-partner Jack Rupert and college Simon Sinclaire find her body.Leon Portman receives a phone call informing him his wife’s been murdered.
    • 19th - Funeral is held for Hillary Portman at Oak Park Cemetery. Leon Portman vows that he wont stop until he finds her murderer.
    • 20th - Steven Haast finds out through inside sources, about Mitchell Falcone’s formula, kept locked up inside a vault at Hazdon.
    • 29th - Despite it's subject matter, the movie Constant is released in theaters to an overwhelming positive response.


    • 2nd - William Hoyt arrives in Seattle, Washington and talks to James Anderton in hopes of finding information regarding Vinnie Sporteino’s location. Anderton has no idea and Hoyt leaves his house. Hoyt receives a phone call from Lt. Jake Calvin saying he knows he’s looking for Vinnie Sporteino and can help him find him if he works with him. Hoyt agrees and takes off for Chicago.
    • 4th - William Hoyt arrives in Chicago and goes straight to the police precinct. There he meets Lt. Jake Calvin, who tells him they wish to bring Vinnie Sporteino down in some sort of operation and soon.
    • 9th - Lt. Logan Myers is kidnapped and held hostage by Steven Haast’s henchman Romano Candel in a warehouse in the industrial part of New Prairie.
    • 10th - Gravestone finds the warehouse Romano Candel is holding Lt. Logan Myers hostage in. Arriving at the warehouse, Gravestone confronts Candel. Steven Haast informs Myers that Gravestone is his long thought dead son Nathan. Myers, unable to comprehend the news, denies it at first. A few moments later, he and Gravestone work together and banish Candel to a stone statue. Candel’s goons managed to escape in the process.
    • 12th - Lt. Logan Myers asks Gravestone to meet him at the top of the Derelli Towers. When Gravestone arrives, Myers thanks him for saving his life the other day. Before they part, Myers asks Gravestone what they use to do every Sunday when he was younger. Gravestone pauses, thinks, and then tells him that they use to go to Rillo’s Quarry and skip stones across the water. Myers realizes that Gravestone is indeed his long-lost son. Gravestone apologizes to Myers about staying away so long but admits that until recently he had forgotten his life as Nathan. He tells Myers that he can’t go back and that his life depends upon living in the graveyard. Myers understands and the two part.
  • MARCH:
    • 14th - Lt. Jake Calvin comes up with the idea to catch Vinnie Sporteino in a sting operation of some sort. To ensure no mess ups, they start carefully planning every aspect of the crime.
    • 31st - Five of Jack Rupert’s men from 2025 arrive outside New Prairie from the future, with the intent to find Ian Grada and demand from him the location of the time machine. Using knowledge they gathered before leaving, they know where he lives.
  • APRIL:
    • 1st - The five men from 2025 show up at David Ricci and Ian Grada’s home where they open fire in an attempt to capture Grada. Both Ricci and Grada flee the scene, during which Ian confesses the truth about who the men are and where they’re from. Ian tells David about the time machine he invented but admits he wiped his memory of it after burying it. Together the two follow an elaborate set of clues left by Grada and find the time machine buried just outside of town. Along the way they manage to kill 3 of the 5 men after them. Upon finding the machine, the leader of the five men arrives and demands the machine be turned over to him. Ricci and Grada refuse. Grada tackles him but is shot and killed in the process. Ricci attacks the man while at the same time turns the time machine on while holding onto the man. The two travel backward in time.
      • David Ricci arrives back from 1990 to find Ian Grada getting up off the ground and taking off a bulletproof vest, which stopped the bullet from killing him.
    • 17th - A bad storm halts over Lake Michigan causing the lake to crash into the shores of New Prairie.
    • 19th - The stone case containing Niccia’s necklace washes ashore but is hidden among the rock formations along the shoreline.
    • 20th - The bad storm over Lake Michigan finally dies out.
    • 29th - Aly Nadel and a few friends go for a drive along the shoreline north of New Prairie. The group gets out and walks for a while. Aly while walking on the rock formations along the shore line, comes across a very strange looking rock. Her boyfriend grabs the rock for her, slips on the wet stones beneath him and falls forward, hitting his head on a sharp rock on the ground. The case flies out of his hands and lands on the ground, busting open on impact. The group carries Aly’s boyfriend to the car and go to the hospital. Aly Nadel’s boyfriend is pronounced dead on arrival.
  • MAY:
    • 2nd - The funeral for Aly Nadel’s boyfriend is held at Oak Park Cemetery.
    • 8th - Aly Nadel goes to the shoreline again in an attempt to come to peace with the situation. While there, she finds the rock her boyfriend was getting for her, still laying on the ground a few feet from the shoreline. Wanting to take it and throw it out into the ocean, she reaches for it and finds the top half of the rock opens. Inside the hollowed out rock, sits a necklace and a wad of gunk. Ignoring the gunk, she grabs the perfect and shiny necklace
    • 9th - Claire Fonnerelli is kidnapped by Eugene Niron.
    • 10th - Eugene Niron calls Claire Fonnerelli’s home and tells her father Mayor Judd Fonnerelli that they have his daughter and if he doesn’t back down as town mayor, they will kill her. He has 2 days to decide.
    • 12th - The police find the location of Claire Fonnerelli and arrest Eugene Niron. The unknown man, claimed to be Steven Haast, however, flees the warehouse moments before the police arrive. Eugene Niron confesses to the police that Steven Haast was behind the whole thing. Police confront Steven Haast and arrest him for suspicion of conspiracy of kidnapping.
    • 13th - After holding him for a night, police release Steven Haast due to a lack of evidence against him.
    • 16th - Eugene Niron is put on trial and convicted of being the sole person behind Claire Fonnerelli’s kidnapping. He’s sentenced to 10 years in jail.
    • 23rd - Steven Haast visits Eugene Niron in his jail cell. While the guards aren’t looking, he beats Eugene up for messing up the kidnapping. Before leaving, Haast tells Eugene that he’s gonna need him for another job and plans to break him out soon.
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 2nd - Dustin Thompson runs into Catherine Gifford at the Stewart Savings & Loan Bank. Eugene Niron “robs” the Stewart Savings & Loan Bank. Karri Foster and Matt Miller attempt to rob the Stewart Savings & Loan bank as well, but fail to do so after being distracted by an argument between one another. Police manage to get into the bank by shooting smoke bombs through the window. During the distraction and the chaos inside, Eugene Niron takes Catherine Gifford out the back and to the top of the Derelli Towers. Dustin Thompson, realizing that Eugene went to the top, goes after him.
      • A man breaks into Hazdon Industries secretly and steals Mitchell Falcone’s formula locked in one of the buildings deepest and most secured vaults. He takes it to Steven Haast, however, while on it’s way to Haast, the formula is stolen by Barnes, a former employee of Mitchell Falcone, who ran the vehicle off the road after firing upon it. Taking the formula from the car, he removed the license plates and lit the car on fire. Though engulfed in flames, Barnes left a sheet of the formula on accident, but most of the piece of paper survived the flames.
      • Barnes dumps the license plates into the river.
      • Jerry Burr meets Maria Sporteino by delivering her a pizza.
      • Eugene Niron falls to his death from the top of the Derelli Towers after a fight with Dustin Thompson.
    • 3rd - Wenus Sacco tricks both Dominic Tracy and Elle LaBelle to be in the same place at the same time, in hopes of calming the rift between them. Dominic finds out that Chandler Bingham was who ratted him and Kirsten Bellini out to Elle in the first place and decides to go tell her so. He goes to her house where he and Chandler get into a bit of a fight and both are told to leave by Kirsten.
      • Steven Haast acquires the abandoned sheet of paper and hires some people to help him recreate the formula based on what he has.
    • 4th - After talking to his sister, Dominic Tracy realizes he really loves Kirsten Bellini and races to find her, only to meet up with Chandler Bingham at her house. The two discuss the situation and Chandler tells Dominic to go find her, realizing that he’s who should be with her. Chandler tells him that she’s heading to the Memorial Bridge to watch the fireworks. Dominic thanks him and takes off for the bridge, where he finds her. They make up and the two get back together.
    • 8th - Jenni Anderson and Mitch Wolf go to the Martini Farm to make out. While there, the two are attacked and killed by the Dark Killer.
    • 17th - Karen LaSalle and Joseph Martin have sex in his car, parked in a “secluded” place after going to see a movie at The Earling. Geoff Jenks is there videotaping it secretly, having followed the two on their date.
    • 24th - Catherine Hicks, Elizabeth Abbott, and Robert Parks are out driving around New Prairie, when, after passing Oak Park Cemetery, Robert starts convulsing in the back seat. Catherine pulls the vehicle over and is attacked by Robert while trying to help him. Robert starts shouting in some unintelligible speech while choking Catherine harder. Elizabeth hits him over the head repeatedly with her purse, to which Robert suddenly stops and slumps over in the backseat. Elizabeth notices that the wind started blowing forcefully and a rumble of thunder was heard near by even though no storm was present. Catherine backs away from the vehicle to catch her breath and catches a glimpse of a figure standing in the cemetery looking back at her, only to recede into the shadows and vanish.
    • 7th - Jerry Burr and Maria Sporteino start dating.
    • 18th - Sarah Cole, Elizabeth Abbott, Nate Jackson, Geoff Jenks, Joseph Martin, Robert Parks, Robert Smith, Catherine Hicks, Matthew Tyler, Joel Boyer, Keith Dean, and Claire Fonnerelli, attend a party at the old Martini Farm.
      • Aly Nadel arrives at the party to deliver pizzas and is attacked by the Dark Killer. Managing to lose him for a short time, he reappeared and throws her onto a large branch that spikes straight through her body. Thinking he had killed her, he turns his back only to find her pulling herself off the branch of the tree. He goes to attack her again, only to have Niccia’s spirit take over completely and stop his attacks. “Niccia” speaks the Dark Killer’s real name, to which he realizes who he’s dealing with. He momentarily stops her and vanishes from site. “Niccia” gets reacquainted with her new body and then takes off for the city on foot, leaving her car behind.
      • All but Sarah Cole are brutally murdered at the Martini Farm. Sarah flags down a passing vehicle and asks if the driver can take her to the police station.
    • 19th - Chelsie McKenna moves with her family into New Prairie.
      • Arriving at the Police Station in the early morning, Sarah Cole tells the police everything that happened at the Martini Farm. Sergeant Jake Morris attempts to find out what really happened, though Sarah continues to say that the Dark Killer murdered her friends. Morris, humoring her, sends a squad out to the farm to investigate. The New Prairie police chief calls Jack Ridley in to help investigate the crime scene. The police initially see nothing, until they shine their lights on a crashed vehicle, which leads them to find Keith Dean still impaled on a field cultivator. Getting in their car, they radio into the station their findings. The lieutenant watching Sarah at the station informs them to come back, that he doesn’t want them out there in the dark still fearing the possibility of a prank. The police inspect the Martini Farm and find the dead bodies of Catherine Hicks (head separated from body), Matthew Tyler (broken neck outside broken window), Joel Boyer (numerous small holes punched in neck), Keith Dean (impaled on a field cultivator), Claire Fonnerelli (broken neck), Geoff Jenks (strangled at wheel of car), Joseph Martin (run over by vehicle), Robert Parks and Robert Smith (gash stretching from base of spine to top of neck). Sarah Cole claims that Elizabeth Abbott attended the party as well, but the search didn’t find her body anywhere. Further search of the Martini Farm finds bone fragments belonging to Nate Jackson at the bottom of the driveway.
    • 20th - While moving stuff into the basement of her family’s new home, Chelsie McKenna spots a large, old trunk sitting in her basement.
    • 21st - Chelsie McKenna meets Amanda Mendel one of her neighbors. The two become friends.
      • Sarah Cole is trialed and convicted of the murdering of her friends after police found her fingerprints and blood from several of the victims on a machete. Her judge manages to convince the court she was temporarily insane and instead of going to jail, she’s sentenced to 30 years in Rhenderelli Asylum.
      • Police watch the tape on Geoff Jenk’s camera that they took from the Martini Farm, in hopes of seeing who killed everyone. The moment the footage gets to the killer showing up, only static can be viewed. Only a few frames were salvageable and they showed Geoff struggling with nothing but a black streak behind him. Sergeant Jake Morris confiscate the camera and locks it away inside the evidence room, claiming the video is inconclusive.
    • 23rd - New Prairie High School registration. Chelsie McKenna meets Sarah Hindwither, Lynnea Manucci, and Karen LaSalle.
    • 28th - School starts for New Prairie High and James T. Welks High.
    • 31st - Jack Ridley calls Sergeant Jake Morris to the Martini Farm pretending to be Lt. Logan Myers. When Morris arrives, the two argue about the outcome of the trial. Ridley tells Morris that he knows that Sarah Cole didn’t kill her friends and the evidence the court used to convict her shouldn’t have been enough, but due to Morris’ connections to the judge it was enough. Morris leaves the scene and goes back to his home where he proceeds to burn the videotape footage from Geoff Jenks’ camera showing the Dark Killer actually exists.
    • 1st - The police find the body of Elizabeth Abbott in a farmer’s field, some 3 miles from the Martini Farm.
    • 2nd - Lynnea Manucci, Amanda Mendel, Sarah Hindwither, Lindsay Rhandeli, Daniel Spacey, Josh Stevenson, Jeffrey Filcher, and Karen LaSalle have a Labor Day party at Lynnea’s house. All except Amanda Mendel are brutally murdered by the [[Dark Killer].
      • Chelsie McKenna arrives at Lynnea Manucci’s house and witnesses her friends being murdered by the urban legend Dark Killer. However, before she can do anything about it, she flees back to her house, where she drinks herself to sleep.
      • The Dark Killer approaches Amanda Mendel and possesses her body but attempts to continue acting as Amanda. Police suspect the killer to be Amanda, who was found mumbling quietly to herself near the dead body of Sarah Hindwither after being alerted by a neighbor hearing screams. She is put into close watch and custody.
    • 3rd - Jason Hindwither and wife are informed of the death of their daughter. Jason calls into work and stays home to comfort his wife.
    • 9th - Memorial service is held for teens involved in the recent killing.
    • 11th - Chelsie McKenna is questioned by Jack Ridley about the recent killings.
      • "Niccia" has a hard time controlling Aly Nadel who starts to fight her from inside. She manages to keep Aly inside and calm.
    • 12th - Amanda Mendel is put on trial for the murdering of her friends and convicted criminally insane. She is sentenced to spend the next 30 years of her life at Rhenderelli Asylum.
    • 20th - Jack Ridley tells Chelsie McKenna about the trunk robbery that happened a short time after the police originally confiscated it in 1930.
      • Vinnie Sporteino informs his bodyguard Anthony Zuitco, Jr. that he’ll try to find the man behind Anthony’s parent’s murder, some 30 years prior. He calls his inside woman/mole of the New Prairie police force Susan Ferelli for a meeting.
      • At 3:00pm, Vinnie Sporteinoand Lt. Susan Ferelli meet up at a secluded portion of The Rotary. Vinnie convinces her to look into the murders of Anthony Zuitco, Jr.’s parents.
    • 26th - Lt. Jake Calvin is phoned by an unknown person telling him to keep an eye on Michael Fanucci over the next month.
    • 28th - Chelsie McKenna gets the police reports on the teen massacres from Jack Ridley.
      • Police are alerted to a burnt car sitting in a farmer’s field.
    • 29th - James T. Welks High School Homecoming game
    • 30th - Michael Fanucci decides to enlarge the drug market on the south side of Chicago and figures he needs 60 kilos of cocaine to get it started.
    • 3rd - Lt. Susan Ferelli and Vinnie Sporteino meet at their secluded part of The Rotary where she gives him all the information she claims she could find. Vinnie, furious because he knows she’s lying, takes what he can of it and threatens her to watch her back before leaving. After Vinnie leaves, Susan goes back to her car and calls Lt. Jake Calvin to let him know that she had given Vinnie the papers.
    • 4th - Sarah Cole is blamed for the murder of a nurse at Rhenderelli Asylum. Awakening from sleep, she’s immediately drugged and put back under. The doctors move her to an isolation cell in the basement of the Asylum.
      • Vinnie Sporteino gives Anthony Zuitco, Jr. the information he gathered on his parent’s murders as a birthday present to Anthony. Michael Fanucci from Chicago calls Vinnie and sets up an appointment to meet with him.
      • Sarah Cole awakens in the isolation cell confused as to what happened. Dr. Carol Richie, her doctor, shows up and questions her about the events of the previous night. When Sarah says she doesn’t know what Richie’s talking about, she’s left alone in the cell.
    • 6th - Vinnie Sporteino meets up with Michael Fanucci at Rillo’s Quarry to discuss a deal. Fanucci wants Vinnie to get him 60 kilos of cocaine which he’ll use to open a “new market” in the south side of Chicago, near the Indiana border. Vinnie agrees. Later in the evening, Vinnie and his men get together to plan a way to kill Michael Fanucci.
      • Dr. Carol Richie confronts Sarah Cole about the events of two days prior again. When Sarah down right demands to know what’s going on and that she had nothing to do with whatever they think she did. She tells Richie that if she doesn’t believe her, to give her a lie detector test. Sarah passes the lie detector test and after some debate between doctors, is released back to her room but under heavy watch.
    • 7th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. narrows his search down to James Anderton, but to be sure, requires background information on the guy first. He tells Vinnie Sporteino and Vinnie contacts Lt. Susan Ferelli. He asks to meet with her.
      • Sarah Cole sits in her normal room, confused about what happened recently and before during the murders. Her friend, Sam the janitor gives her the card to contact Jack Ridley for help. Later that day Sarah contacts Jack Ridley and asks him to come to [[Rhenderelli Asylum}Rhenderelli]] for a talk.
      • New Prairie High Homecoming.
    • 8th - Sonny Bellini is arrested and makes a deal with Jake Calvin and William Hoyt in which he’d help them capture Vinnie Sporteino in a trap, allowing them to arrest him. Later in the evening, Vinnie Sporteino, Anthony Zuitco, Jr., and Lt. Susan Ferelli meet up at The Rotary. After they exchange goods, Vinnie and Anthony leave. In the vehicle, Anthony finds he has everything he needs to finally get James Anderton. He plans to leave the following day.
    • 9th - Jack Ridley arrives at Rhenderelli to talk to Sarah Cole. Allowed only 10 minutes of time to talk, Sarah tells Jack that she believes the Dark Killer is behind the killing of the nurse recently and knows he’s behind the deaths of her friends. She wants Jack to find a way to prove she didn’t do it by proving the Dark Killer is real. She also mentions that she believes the Dark Killer is after her because she survived the killings back in August. Jack tells her he’ll try his best.
    • 11th - Chelsie McKenna hears about a robbery video from Jack Ridley.
    • 12th - Sarah Cole is awakened abruptly in the middle night from the commotion in the halls. The security guard of the record hall is murdered and a handful of inmate records are missing. The security cameras captured no usable video of the murderer, but they question the sudden malfunctions that happen during the killing.
    • 13th - Chelsie McKenna gets a copy of the robbery video from Jack Ridley.
      • An inmate is murdered at Rhenderelli in her sleep. Her middle name is Sarah.
    • 17th - Lt. Jake Calvin’s men find out that Vinnie Sporteino will be receiving a shipment of cocaine. They contact Sonny Bellini and inform him that this will be the opportunity they had been waiting for to trap him.
      • William Hoyt tells Lt. Jake Calvin that he believes now being the best opportunity to bust Vinnie Sporteino, now having proof of his wrongdoings. Jake retorts back that it’s his operation and he’ll do it his way. Hoyt gets furious and leaves to go back to the Nickle Motel.
    • 21st - Chelsie McKenna visits “UNNAMED THIEF”.
      • A second inmate is murdered at [[Rhenderelli Asylum|Rhenderelli]. Her first name is Sara. Sarah Cole becomes worried about the recent death and calls Jack Ridley. On the phone, she tells him that she believes the Dark Killer is still here and is trying to find her. She asks if he has found anyway to prove he’s real. Jack regrettably says no. Jack mentions Amanda Mendel, who’s in the Asylum as well, whose friends were murdered just a few months back.
    • 23rd - Sarah Cole seeks out and meets Amanda Mendel in the asylum. The two talk and both describe the killer killing their friends. Sarah realizes that she’s not crazy after all and tries to tell someone.
    • 24th - Vinnie Sporteino receives his shipment of cocaine, kills the deliverer and calls Michael Fanucci to come pick it up. 2 hours later, Fanucci arrives. Talking for a brief moment, Vinnie’s men trap Fanucci and kill him and his guards.
      • Anthony Zuitco, Jr. arrives in Seattle, Washington where he confronts James Anderton about the murdering of his parents. Anthony beats Anderton up for information and eventually gets it after shooting both of his arms and a leg. Anderton informs Anthony that Vinnie Sporteino hired him to do the job in the first place. Confused, Anthony refuses to believe it and burns Anderton’s house to the ground with him inside. He heads back to New Prairie.
      • Jackson Foxx arrives at James Anderton’s house burning to the ground. Immediately after the emergency crew arrive and declare Anderton dead. Going back to his apartment, he decides to gather his things and take off for New Prairie to find Flamenco T. Chille.
    • 25th - Sarah Cole tries telling Dr. Carol Richie that the Dark Killer really exists and that Amanda Mendel will testify to it. Richie refuses to believe another “mentally sick” patient and sends Sarah back to her room.
    • 26th - When Michael Fanucci misses a major meeting at the Sears Tower, Lt. Jake Calvin gets suspicious. He sends men to Fanucci’s penthouse where they find him dead in his office.
    • 27th - Lt. Jake Calvin makes a statement on the news and in the press that Michael Fanucci was found murdered and after an exhaustive search, no proof as to who killed him was ever found.
      • Upon hearing the news of Michael Fanucci’s death, Herbert Garrison decides to go freelancing with his assassinations on the underground market.
      • A third inmate at Rhenderelli is murdered, with the first name of Sarah. Sarah Cole goes to Dr. Carol Richie and begs her to protect her. Richie doesn’t understand what she means. Sarah proceeds to point out how everyone who has died has Sarah in their name. She attempts to prove the Dark Killer is hunting down and killing all the Sarah’s in the asylum because that’s the only part of her name he remembers.
    • 28th - Jackson Foxx arrives in New Prairie and meets up with Flamenco T. Chille who hires him to do some work, while he “attempts to find the murderer”.
    • 29th - Chelsie McKenna figures out the mysterious writing that lines the trunk in her basement.
    • 30th - At 10:30 pm, Sarah Cole awakens from her sleep by a noise outside her room. She peeks out her door to only find Amanda Mendel standing in the hallway. Sarah questions her, she says she’s afraid and Sarah goes to take her back to her room. Suddenly, the thunderstorm outside causes a bolt of lighting to hit the building and knocks out power to everything. As well as start a small fire in the East Wing.
      • The funeral for Michael Fanucci is held at Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, Ill.
      • Taylor Fanucci goes onto national news stating that he will be taking over his father’s business in Chicago.
    • 31st - At 12:00am Amanda Mendel (possessed by the Dark Killer) murders Sarah Cole as the two attempt to escape from the Asylum, which is recorded on the security cameras.
      • Chelsie McKenna opens the trunk but doesn’t understand any of its contents. Frustrated, she closes it and goes to bed. The Dark Killer, knowing the trunk has been open, takes off to find where it’s at.
    • 1st - Chelsie McKenna gets the security footage showing Amanda Mendel murdering Sarah Cole in the asylum, from Jack Ridley.
    • 3rd - Jerry Burr and Maria Sporteino get engaged.
    • 10th - Leon Portman is contracted by a businessman to kill two men who will be meeting at Prairie View Park.
    • 12th - Zeus Tuscar, Bobbie Quercioli, Simon Sinclair, and Nikki Harrison are confronted by Flamenco T. Chille and offered a job which they accept.
    • 13th - Leon Portman snipes two businessmen, one of which is Charlie a former employee of Mitchell Falcone, in Prairie View Park. Jackson Foxx runs in and takes the suitcase the two men had with them and takes it to Flamenco T. Chille, sitting in a nearby vehicle. Chille receives the suitcase and inside of it is his formula.
      • The court calls William Biggs to the stand as the final witness in the McHenry Trials. Biggs is questioned and, in a turn of events, states the defendant is not guilty of the murders, giving him reliable alibis for each occasion. The judge, fed up with the ongoing trial, rules John McHenry innocent and lets him go.
      • Mayor Judd Fonnerelli contemplates his life as both mayor and a father. He runs into Vinnie Sporteino, during which he admits his anger of losing his daughter and not being able to find who murdered her. Vinnie offers his services to find the person responsible for doing the killing, but Fonnerelli refuses.
      • Vinnie Sporteino visits his wife Maggie’s grave and admits to her that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. He receives a phone call from Steven Haast, offering a job. The two meet at Haast's recently purchased house where it’s revealed that he wishes to rid of Mayor Fonnerelli and take the position. He asks Vinnie to hire some men to kill off Fonnerelli, but he refuses the offer, stating he’d never betray the trust of his friends. Haast threatens Vinnie with evidence pinpointing all the crimes committed by The Family directly to Vinnie. Vinnie states he doesn’t care and leaves Haast’s house.
      • William Biggs, walking to his girlfriend’s place, is confronted by a mugger who demands all his money. Stating he doesn’t have any, the mugger gets mad and takes off. A moment later, the mugger turns around and fires 2 shots into Biggs, killing him.
      • Jason Hindwither arrives home from work only to come face to face with the Dark Killer. The Killer, aware that there’s someone after him, asks Hindwither to use his sources to find who exactly it is. After the Dark Killer leaves, Jason calls a friend and tells them to set up an appointment at Rhenderelli to talk with Amanda Mendel.
      • Leon Portman contemplates getting out of the sniping business for good and tells his friend Zeus Tuscar. After he and their friend’s weekly poker night, Zeus takes Leon home where he receives a phone call from Flamenco T. Chille, hiring him for a job.
      • Lt. Susan Ferelli is confronted in the police station parking lot by a henchman working for Vinnie Sporteino. The henchman strangles her to death and flees on foot. A short time later, other officers find her body.
    • 14th - Leon Portman goes to Flamenco T. Chille’s house and listens to his proposal. Chille’s plan is to have Leon snipe the passengers of a vehicle that will be carrying highly valuable item that rightly belongs to him. After sniping the passengers, Leon’s work is done. Leon accepts, but only under the terms that if he didn’t, the other hired for the job would be fired as well. Leon, Zeus Tuscar, Bobbie Quercioli, Simon Sinclaire, and Niki Harrison all go to Oak Park Cemetery to mourn the one year anniversary of the death of Leon’s wife Hillary. While there Leon runs into Jack Rupert, who shows his condolences to Leon.
      • David Ricci helps Ian Grada follow clues left behind by Grada, in an attempt to find a time machine buried somewhere in the town. The two are captured by the remaining 3 men from 2025 who traveled back in time to get Grada’s time machine for themselves. The 3 men take them to a warehouse where they are held hostage. The leader of the 3 takes the most recent clue the two found and attempts to solve the mystery himself.
      • Mitchell Falcone, in heavy disguise, confronts Jack Rupert at the grave of Hillary Portman. Mitchell tells Jack that he’s gonna give him one more chance to let him back into the company. Jack refuses angrily and storms away.
    • 15th - Ian Grada manages to break free of his restraints and frees David Ricci. The two together sneak out of the warehouse. While fleeing, Ian realizes they don’t have the clue that the leader took from them. David, however, remembers the last clue and the two take off for the location. Halfway to the location, Ian and David are met again by the 3 men who chase them through the city.
      • Lee-Lee Horton, Sam O’Neal, and Cameron Marks spot a vehicle outside of Sonny Bellini’s house with Illinois license plates. Cameron traces the Illinois license plates to find they belong to cops from Chicago named Lt. Jake Calvin. Sam runs a check on the names Tom Cortini, which she finds nothing, and Jake Calvin, which she deduces to be the same person once “Tom” exits Sonny’s house. Sam proceeds to call Vinnie Sporteino with the news.
      • Jerry Burr goes to Vinnie Sporteino’s house to pick up his final package and while doing so, he overhears Vinnie telling Anthony to get rid of Tom Cortini. They realize he’s listening and take off after him. Jerry calls Sonny and tells him to go to his house to be safe. Jerry goes to Tom’s house and tells him that he needs to hide. Tom reveals his true identity of Jake Calvin and that they hired Sonny a few months back to help catch Vinnie. Jake shows Jerry the stash of cocaine in the basement that he had been bringing Jake. Anthony and his goons arrive at Jake Calvin’s house and break in. Jake is shot by Anthony and pretends to be killed. Jerry hijacks one of the goons vehicles and takes off. Vinnie arrives at Jake Calvin’s house and is shown the packages of cocaine in the basement. Jake, still alive, makes his way out of the house and steals one of the goons’ vehicles. Vinnie comes upstairs from the basement, finds Jake's body is missing and freaks out. He orders the guys to gather together and head to Jerry's house.
      • Jake Calvin goes to the Nickel Motel and shoots William Hoyt in his room. After Jake's departure, Hoyt struggled to his feet and drove to the hospital where he was cured under an assumed name.
      • Vinnie Sporteino and his goons kidnap his daughter Maria and take her to his compound atop Cambiare Rock.
      • Jerry Burr and Sonny Bellini arrive back at Jerry’s house to find Maria missing and a note telling him where she’s at. The two gather a few weapons and take off to Cambiare Rock. After arriving there and confronting Vinnie Sporteino, Sonny tells Anthony Zuitco, Jr. that Vinnie was actually behind the death of his parents, after being shot by him. Jake Calvin offers Vinnie his services of being his inside mole of the Chicago Police. Vinnie shoots Anthony, thinking to death.
      • Zeus Tuscar, Bobbie Quercioli, Simon Sinclaire, and Niki Harrison meet at a predetermined location and dress in their security guard outfits. They get inside a white van and drive to the location where Flamenco T. Chille told them to go.
      • Jerry Burr and Jake Calvin fence one another in Vinnie’s warehouse. Their fighting takes them up to the third tier walkways where it ends with Jerry knocking Jake out with the hilt of the sword. Jerry is chased by Vinnie around his warehouse, where they finally stop at the top of a balcony overlooking the warehouse floor. Maria breaks free of her restraints and follows them up there, where she shoots Vinnie in the back, sending him falling over the railing. He lets go of his grip after realizing what he’s become and let’s himself die. Jerry and Maria leave the warehouse and head home.
      • Leon Portman goes to the location where Flamenco T. Chille told him to be. He snipes four “security guards” inside a vehicle and waits for the “other team” to show up and take over the rest of the job. However, they never show. He goes to the vehicle and upon closer inspection finds that his friends Bobbie Quercioli, Simon Sinclaire, Zeus Tuscar, and Niki Harrison were the ones inside the vehicle to start with. Freaking out he takes the suitcase inside the vehicle and flees the scene.
      • David Ricci and Ian Grada rid of two of the 3 men chasing them and follow the final clue to the resting spot of the time machine. Getting there, they unbury the machine. Ian is shot and killed by the leader of the 3 men, who catch up to them. The man and David fist fight while traveling through time. Along the way, David pushes the leader off somewhere in time.
      • Gravestone finds the vehicle that Leon Portman sniped. He inspects the victims and finds that Bobbie Quercioli is still alive, with a bullet that merely grazed her body and didn’t hit anything valuable. Gravestone grabs Bobbie and rushes her to the hospital where he leaves her to be treated.
      • At 3:30 Leon Portman meets up with Flamenco T. Chille, who confesses he’s actually Mitchell Falcone. Leon realizes that it was Mitchell who had killed his wife a year earlier. Mitchell confesses to Leon that the whole job was a ploy, seeing as how he had already gotten his formula back months prior. He knew that Leon would go and check out the bodies and take the suitcase. Leon finds inside the suitcase a forged suicide note with Leon’s name on it, confessing to the killing of his friends and then killing himself. Leon chases Mitchell on foot, onto the interstate and back to Prairie View Park where he kills Mitchell in the same manner that he had killed his wife a year earlier, with cyanide on a handkerchief across the mouth. Leon leaves Mitchell’s body in the woods and takes the suitcase, which contains his formula.
      • David Ricci arrives back to his time from 1990, to find Ian Grada alive and well, holding the note he left in Ian’s possession in 1990 in his hand.
      • Bobbie Quercioli has immediate surgery done and survives. Jackson Foxx rushes to her side.
      • Jake Calvin awakens from his unconscious state. He makes his way down to the main floor of Vinnie Sporteino’s warehouse where he meets Sonny Bellini alive as well. The two discuss the outcome of their plan and what they plan on doing from here on out. They bring in a body to replace Sonny’s and grab cans of gasoline to spread through the warehouse.
      • At approximately 10:30 pm, Vinnie Sporteino’s main warehouse is set ablaze.
      • Jake Calvin and Sonny Bellini leave the scene. Moments later, Anthony Zuitco, Jr. awakens and makes his way out of the warehouse before its entirely engulfed in flames. He crashes at the compound’s house and fixes himself up.
      • Firemen arrive at the scene immediately via anonymous tip and finally get the fire out an hour later, finding two bodies inside.
      • Sonny Bellini and Jake Calvin both go into hiding.
    • 16th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. sneaks out of the compound and heads for the Nickel Motel, where he rents a room under an assumed name.
      • Jake Calvin arrives back in Chicago. He calls up the Police Chief of the police station and asks to see him in private. The two meet later that day and Jake reveals that Vinnie Sporteino’s body will be identified in a few days. The Police Chief offers a promotion to Jake of Police Chief superseding himself. Jake turns him down and says he’s retiring at the first of the year.
    • 17th - The coroner claims the two burnt bodies found within Vinnie Sporteino’s warehouse are Sporteino himself and Sonny Bellini.
      • Anthony Zuitco, Jr. calls a friend in California and makes plans to meet him out there in a few days.
    • 18th - Going to Hazdon Industries in the early morning, Leon Portman goes up to Jack Rupert’s office to drop off the suitcase. He writes Jack a note and slips out before anyone notices.
      • Vinnie Sporteino is declared dead through the news. Anthony Zuitco, Jr. hears of the news and realizes he has nothing in New Prairie anymore. He gathers a few belongings and heads for the west coast.
      • Jack Rupert goes into his office at Hazdon and finds the suitcase with the missing formula in it along with a note from Leon Portman.
    • 19th - An inclusive funeral is held for Vinnie Sporteino at Jackson Funeral Home. Only a few unknown people show. Anthony Zuitco, Jr. is one of them and only a few minutes into the ceremony, he leaves the funeral parlor and heads for California.
      • Within an hour of the funeral ending, Winston Cooke buries Vinnie Sporteino's body in private and at a location only he knows within Oak Park Cemetery.
    • 22nd - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. arrives in California.
    • 28th - Jake Calvin retires.
    • 31st - Jack Ridley and Chelsie McKenna rush to Ridley's house to retrieve the book of incantations needed to banish the Dark Killer to the alternate dimension.
      • Gravestone is left at Shaddick Stadium to guard the trunk belonging to the Dark Killer, who arrives and battles Gravestone. The Dark Killer asks for the ring inside the trunk in exchange for not being killed. Tricking Gravestone, the Dark Killer tackles and goes to kill Gravestone only to be stopped by a returning Jack and Chelsie.
      • The Dark Killer is sent to an alternate dimension.


  • MARCH:
    • 2nd - William Hoyt arrives at Vinnie Sporteino’s old house, now owned by Jerry Burr & Maria Sporteino and demands to be let in. When Maria denies his entry, he gets physical and pushes his way in. Jerry intervenes and Maria calls the police. Hoyt flees the scene.
    • 9th - A runner finds Mitchell Falcone’s body decomposing in the woods in Prairie View Park, while out on a hike one morning.
    • 17th - Winston Cooke, caretaker of Oak Park Cemetery spots William Hoyt frantically running around the graveyard. When he confronts him, Hoyt simply states he’s looking for a grave. Winston offers his assistance in finding the site. When Hoyt tells him he’s looking for Vinnie Sporteino's grave, Winston denies knowing it’s location. Hoyt gets furious, threatens him, and storms out of the cemetery.
  • MAY:
    • 15th - Steven Haast finds that there is a considerable amount of money located beneath a house owned by an elderly woman, Thea Stewart.
    • 19th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. opens his second major shipping business on the west coast.
    • 24th - Steven Haast contacts Thea Stewart and offers to buy her house from her and put her up in a very nice retirement home. She tells him she’ll think about it.
    • 29th - Thea Stewart calls Steven Haast and tells him that she’ll accept his offer.
  • JUNE:
    • 1st - Thea Stewart moves into a retirement home.
    • 2nd - Employees at one of Anthony Zuitco, Jr.’s businesses start referring to him as The Big B.
    • 3rd - Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams house-sit Thea Stewart’s house.
      • Steven Haast, unaware of Kevin & Andy house sitting, sends in some safe crackers to break into the house and find the money. They find Kevin & Andy in the house, contact Steven Haast and tell him that they can’t get to the safe with them there. Haast tells them to scare them off. The crackers attempt to scare Andy & Kevin but realize they’re more hassle than they thought. Together, Kevin & Andy stop the thieves from finding the money.
    • 4th - Police arrest the 4 people involved in the attempted robbery of Thea Stewart’s house.
  • JULY:
    • 2nd - Jerry Burr and a member of an opposing family meet at Rillo’s Quarry to talk peace. However, during the meeting, a lone gunman snipes and kills the head of the opposite family. Confused about who fired, both sides start firing at one another. Jerry barely escapes alive, as does Francis Portone, his bodyguard. Michael Partoni is shot twice in the chest and once in the arm but survives. Survivors from the opposite family spread the word that Jerry is just as bad as Vinnie Sporteino was and soon no one wants anything to do with Jerry or The Family. Michael Partoni is hospitalized.
    • 7th - Jack Ridley gets a tip from an unknown source about a case he’s been working on for years but hasn’t been able to solve and decides he needs to leave New Prairie for a while as he investigates it. His journeys will take him across the world and he doesn’t return for two years.
    • 9th - Clarissa Thaems, now Waxgirl, confronts Gravestone about being his partner. Gravestone initially refuses but with the nagging of Winston, he accepts her on.
    • 11th - Waxgirl adds an “!” to the end of her name, saying it’ll be cooler.
    • 13th - Michael Partoni finds one last head of a family who is willing to talk to Jerry Burr. He sets up an appointment at Rillo’s Quarry for the two to meet.
    • 14th - Jerry Burr meets with a head of a family. An assassin ambushes the group, killing members of Jerry’s entourage and the head of the opposite family in the process. Jerry manages to dodge the bullets and flee the scene.
      • Frankie Portone barely survives the ambush. He heads home.
      • Andre Silvino arrives at Jerry Burr’s and Maria Sporteino’s home. He kills Maria and leaves for Chicago.
      • Jerry Burr calls Michael Partoni and informs him of the attack. Michael tells him to go home, get Maria and come to his house.
      • Frankie Portone arrives back at his house, where he tries to mend his wounds. Hearing a noise in his dining room, he investigates only to come face to face with one of Taylor Fanucci’s goons. Frankie attempts to flee but is shot dead.
      • Arriving home, Jerry Burr finds Maria Sporteino dead. He packs his things and calls Michael to tell him that Maria’s dead and drives to Michael’s house.
      • Michael Partoni starts gathering the bare necessity paperwork that would allow them to restart The Family elsewhere. Midway through packing, he receives a phone call from a mysterious person who tells him not to leave or else his whole family would be hunted down and killed.
      • Jerry Burr arrives at Michael Partoni’s house. Jerry, who is in a hurry to leave, doesn’t understand why his friend won't leave his house all of a sudden. He tries leaving through the back door of the house when suddenly two gunshots ring out and hit Michael squarely in the chest. He falls over dead.
      • At around 7:30 pm, police receive a phone call from Michael’s house telling them Michael has been shot. Police and ambulance arrive shortly afterward to find his dead body in the basement.
    • 16th - The police find Maria Burr’s dead body in her house.
    • 17th - A funeral is held for Michael Partoni at Oak Park Cemetery.
    • 19th - Neighbor of Frankie Portone finds his dead body inside his house and calls the police.
    • 21st - A funeral is held for Jerry & Maria Burr at Oak Park Cemetery. They’re buried next to Maria’s mother Maggie Sporteino.
    • 24th - A funeral is held for Frankie Portone at Oak Park Cemetery.


    • 22nd - Jason Hindwither is confronted by a man dressed in black, with red glowing eyes who convinces him to leave his investigation into his daughter’s death alone. He later arrives home and starts packing his belongings.
    • 28th - Jason Hindwither says he’s leaving the television station.
    • 29th - Jason Hindwither’s house goes up on the market and both he and his wife leave the city in great haste.
  • MARCH:


    • 19th - Steven Haast hires a plant to verbally suggest he run for Mayor during a news interview. The suggestion quickly grabs the attention of the news media.
    • 23rd - Steven Haast announces his plans on running for mayor of New Prairie.
  • APRIL:
  • MAY:
    • 2nd - Garrett Moore expresses his concern with their relationship when Ashley Sheppard tells him of a job offer in New York City. The two come to a civil conclusion and break up.
    • 16th - Chandler Bingham graduates from New York Institute of Technology.
    • 20th - Garrett Moore moves out of Stevens Point and goes back to New Prairie, where he rents an apartment downtown.
      • Ashley Sheppard stays for a few more days before deciding she doesn’t want the job in New York City.
    • 23rd - Garrett Moore finishes moving in and starts work on his new screenplay.
  • JUNE:
    • 3rd - Chandler Bingham gets a job working as an assistant to the director at Warner Brothers in Hollywood.
    • 5th - Garrett Moore gets a job as a part-time shelf stocker at the Stinson Public Library.
    • 6th - Chandler Bingham moves to Hollywood to start working.
    • 12th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr.’s chemical company finds a way to combine their recently acquired chemical with a dry powder to create a type of explosive. They contact Anthony’s people and tell them that they need more of the substance. They find the substance was delivered from Hazdon Industries in New Prairie. The scientists contact Anthony and inform him they need more of the substance and where it’s from.
    • 14th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. personally contacts Hazdon Industries about the chemical and asks if he could buy more. Head of Hazdon, Jack Rupert refuses to sell the chemical to them and hangs up.
    • 17th - Through his connections, Anthony Zuitco, Jr. finds that a shipment of the chemical is leaving New Prairie and heading to Chicago for further delivery. Anthony plans on stealing the chemical during shipment and taking it back to California.
    • 27th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. and a few of his men arrive at the outskirts of New Prairie and wait for the shipment to pass them. Just as they begin hijacking the vehicle, another mysterious team arrive and ambushes Anthony and his men. They kill all the others and believe to have killed Anthony himself before they take off. Anthony tracks the vehicle into Chicago where he finds the goons working with Taylor Fanucci.
    • 28th - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. phones Taylor Fanucci’s secretary and asks to set up an appointment to meet for a ‘potential business deal’.
    • 30th - Garrett Moore gets a full-time job at Partone’s Restaurante as a short order cook.
  • JULY:
    • 1st - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. (under a fake name) meets Taylor Fanucci in his penthouse downtown Chicago and talks about wanting to do business with him. During the meeting in Taylor’s office, Anthony purposely leaves behind something before they conclude their talking. Walking out of the office, Anthony says he forgot his handkerchief inside and goes to get it. Stalling for a moment, he searches Taylor’s desk and finds a manifest for a large shipment leaving on the trains tomorrow morning. Anthony steps out of the office just as Taylor opens the door and asks if he had gotten lost. Taylor escorts Anthony out of the building. Taylor Fanucci changes the train that the shipment is on secretly.
    • 2nd - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. goes to the train yard and finds the train that the chemical is supposed to be on, only to be knocked unconscious by one of Taylor Fanucci’s goons. Anthony is tied to a chair inside the empty train car where he awakens and is confronted by Taylor Fanucci. Taylor says he knows who he really is and tells him that he purposely put the chemicals on another train. Taylor says this is payback for the death of his father by Anthony and Vinnie Sporteino's doing. Opening the car door, he shoots Anthony and kicks him out of the train. Anthony falls into the lake below the bridge they were crossing and manages to escape his restraints and make it to the surface. Following the train tracks, Anthony finds himself coming upon a bus station where he takes himself to Cinncinatti.
    • 3rd - Anthony Zuitco, Jr. arrives in Cinncinatti and goes to a recently opened distribution center belonging to his company. There, he contacts Dusty Thompson in California and asks him to look into the rail records leaving Chicago to see where they were going today. Dusty says that one was leaving for Reno, Nevada.
    • 8th - Kirsten Bellini and Dominic Tracy move into an apartment in the Chicago suburbs.



  • MARCH:
  • APRIL:
  • MAY:
  • JUNE:
    • 8th - Bruto Colombo and Tanner Greene graduate from James T. Welks High.
    • 17th - Ashley Sheppard arrives in New Prairie and checks into the Nickle Motel.
    • 18th - Garrett Moore runs into Ashley Sheppard at Jumpers. The two talk for four hours at the bar until they finally make their way back to where Ashley’s staying. Arriving there, Garrett admits how much he missed her, to which she does the same. She asks if they can see one another again and Garrett says he would like that.
    • 20th - Graves in Oak Park Cemetery are being dug up.
    • 22nd - Gravestone and Waxgirl! investigate Oak Park Cemetery during the night. He catches two grave robbers who turn out to be vampires. He interrogates them in the crypt and finds that they work for Damien Quidd. Gravestone lets them go.
    • 23rd - Gravestone contacts Jack Ridley and asks him to meet him on the 24th at the Crypt for some help. Gravestone and Waxgirl! go to Lady Asta’s Riverboat Casino. Gravestone confronts Damien Quidd and asks how he’s still alive. Damien doesn’t directly answer but instead offers Gravestone the chance of joining his group. Gravestone turns him down and leaves, saying that he’ll find out what he’s really up to and be back for him. Waxgirl! wins a lot of money off the $10 she brought in, and cashes out before they leave. The second in command of Damien Quidd’s entourage sets a trap for Gravestone at the crypt. Waxgirl! goes home while Gravestone returns to the crypt. Gravestone falls into the trap and is rendered unconscious.
    • 24th - Waxgirl! shows up at the crypt to only find it a mess. She complains about how Gravestone lives his life and proceeds to clean the place up. Jack Ridley shows up in the afternoon and questions Waxgirl! about where Gravestone is. They realize he’s been kidnapped. Ridley decides to go and question Damien Quidd at the Lady Asta’s. He arrives there, pretending to be questioning about the recent sightings of Gravestone and ask him if he’s seen him recently. Damien pretends not to have seen him ever and Ridley leaves. Jack Ridley and Waxgirl! talk about where he could have gone. Waxgirl! remembers about the Vampires from the other night and tells Ridley about them. Waxgirl! tells him that she remembers hearing that Vampires lived in the caves in Cambiere Rock when she was little and thus her fear of caves was born. Ridley realizes that’s where they’re at and the two set out to find them. Once at the caves, they spot Gravestone, tied down and awaiting Damien’s arrival. He proceeds to bite Gravestone and instantly he morphs into something resembling a vampire, but different. Ridley knows a stake through the heart kills vampires, but Waxgirl! points out they don’t want to kill Gravestone, instead they want to bring him back to his undead state. She knows of a specific type of wood stake that will do that and just happens to have it on her. She also has one that will return him to a human state but doesn’t want to use it for fear of having to make such a life-changing decision. Ridley and Waxgirl! attack the other vampire henchmen in the caves and using a special type of wood stake, stab Gravestone in the chest. When they turn to go after Damien, he’s already gone. Gravestone awakens and finds that he’s alive. Waxgirl! realizes she used the wrong wooden stake.


  • MARCH:
    • 11th - Harold Meltzner’s book on time travel, Traveler's Travels, gets picked up by a publisher.
    • 12th - Jack Ridley recognizes the recent crime stint is similar to those reported over 50 years ago with the spirit Niccia.
    • 13th - “Niccia” confronts Jack Ridley and warns him to back off or suffer consequences.
    • 17th - “Niccia” realizes that Jack Ridley isn’t backing off and she finds his best friend. Arriving at the house, “Niccia” pretends to be a lost girl looking for directions. The friend goes to get a phone book to help find the person she’s “looking” for, only to have her start seducing him. Before he knows it, she’s on his lap and the next thing he knows there’s a large knife straight through his neck.
    • 18th - Jack Ridley finds his best friend Al dead at his house. There, he takes off for Aly Nadel’s apartment. When he arrives at her house, she’s not home, but her answering machine includes a message from a guy saying he’ll meet her at Rillo’s Quarry that night. Jack Ridley heads to Rillo’s Quarry and waits for “Niccia” to show up. When she does, the guy from the answering machine shows up as well and the two start their “date”. Jack immediately interrupts them, warning the guy she’s only gonna kill him. The guy, not believing him, yells at “Niccia” asking if Jack is her ex-boyfriend. When the guy says he’s gonna leave, “Niccia” slices his head off then announces to Jack that he walked right into her trap. Before he can react, “Niccia” grabs Jack’s head and starts squeezing. Her powers start flowing through him, and after a few moments, he lets out a loud scream and flies backwards to the ground. “Niccia”, thinking Jack’s dead, starts to rejoice and leave.
      • Three hours later, Jack Ridley awakens on the ground, still alive. He gets to his car and drives straight to where “Niccia” is. Before she can react to him, he recites an incantation that forces her spirit from Aly Nadel’s body. Aly passes out on the ground while Niccia’s spirit attempts to attack and possess Jack. Jack speaks a second incantation which opens a small porthole that sucks her spirit into another dimension. Jack Ridley takes Aly Nadel to the hospital but leaves before she awakens.
    • 20th - Aly Nadel is released from the hospital after a thorough check-up.
  • APRIL:
  • MAY:
    • 15th - Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams visit Hazdon Industries to go on a tour. During the tour, Kevin wanders off and accidentally finds a time machine prototype. Thinking it’s a coffee dispenser, he starts it and sends both himself and Andy back to 1935.
      • Heather DiNola, Kevin Stewart and Andy Williams arrive from 1976 just as their previous selves leave.
    • 17th - Dusty Thompson is offered a job in Oregon being the manager of a manufacturing company. He accepts.
    • 23rd - Dusty Thompson flies to Oregon to see the house that came with his job offer. He’s impressed with it. He travels to the manufacturing plant and meets those he’ll be working with.
    • 24th - Dusty Thompson flies home to New Prairie.
    • 28th - Dusty Thompson finishes packing his belongings and has them sent off to his new house in Oregon.
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 17th - Chandler Bingham purchases a new home in Sacramento, California as a birthday present for his wife Shelly.
    • 18th - The manufacturing company that Dusty Thompson works for is bought out by Z Industries.
    • 22nd - Chandler Bingham and wife Shelly move to Sacramento, California.
    • 23rd - Garrett Moore, while talking to a friend, decides he wants to propose to Ashley Sheppard. The friend asks him how he wants to do it, to which Garrett says he just wrote a really romantic way in the script he’s working on, where the guy gives the ring as a Christmas present.
    • 25th - Simon Teggert becomes a grand master at chess, during his win in the World's Chess Championship.
    • 28th - Garrett Moore goes to the town’s jewelry store and picks out a ring for Ashley.
    • 29th - Jack Bingham, son of Chandler, is born in Sacramento, California.
    • 3rd - Ashley Sheppard goes to have her monthly checkup and finds her disease has escalated severely. The doctor gives her six months to live.
    • 24th - Garrett Moore and Ashley Sheppard have a romantic evening together and fall asleep in the living room.
    • 25th - Ashley Sheppard wakes at around 5:00AM, grabs a few of her things, writes and leaves a note for Garrett to find. Garrett Moore wakes up at 8:30 to find only the note from Ashley which reads she’s leaving him for reasons she doesn’t want to explain and that he’ll be happier without him. Garrett Moore goes to Jumpers at around 1:00 in the afternoon and starts drinking. Later in the evening, he tells the barkeep what happened, crumples the note Ashley left him and leaves the bar for home.


    • 17th - Jake Calvin comes across two kids snooping around Vinnie Sporteino’s house and tells them they need to stay clear of the house. The boys leave.
    • 19th - The same two boys from before go back to Vinnie Sporteino’s old house.
  • MAY:
  • JUNE:
  • JULY:
    • 12th - Kevin Stewart asks Heather DiNola to marry him. She accepts.
    • 17th - Jake Calvin comes across two kids snooping around Vinnie Sporteino’s house and tells them to go away and stop trespassing.
    • 18th - Jake Calvin finds the two kids snooping around again and asks them why they’re fascinated with the house. They explain the rumor that it’s haunted and has secret passages to rooms of money. Jake scoffs the reports off moments before one of the two kids stumbles across a secret planning room. Inside, Jake finds mentioning of plans being stored at the “office at TJ’s”. The two kids follow without his knowledge but accidentally reveal themselves to him. When one of the kids finds the secret door leading to the office inside the janitor’s broom closet, Jake keeps the two on to help him as he finds information regarding a heist planned by Sporteino before his death.
    • 25th - Hillary Foxx is born in New Prairie to Jackson and Roberta Quercioli-Foxx.
    • 12th - Garrett Moore purchases a newly remodeled farmhouse on the outskirts of New Prairie.
    • 17th - Garrett Moore quits his job as head chef at Partone’s.
    • 19th - Garrett Moore starts work on his newest screenplay as part of his contracted work through Universal Pictures.



    • 27th - Sam O’Neal comes to a dead end in her search for Cameron Marks.
  • APRIL:
  • JUNE:
    • 29th - Gravestone and Damien Quidd battle one another. Jack Ridley arrives in time to read a passage from his “magical book” that temporarily recedes Quidd’s vampire power and bring him back to human form. During this time, Gravestone stabs Quidd in the chest with the top of his staff but is also stabbed by the same staff when Quidd removes it and pushes it into him. Quidd falls over dead and so does Gravestone a few moments later.



    • 1st - Detective Mack drives Dr. Buddy Kant to the police station, having finally caught him after a long murdering spree. On the way to the station, a car smashes into the side of Mack's vehicle, killing Kant in the process. Mack awakens a short time later and finds his greatest foe dead.
    • 31st - Oswald Hilt is cleared by Dr. Marshall Strapp and given the option to leave Rhenderelli. Taking the option, the only condition is that the two have weekly meetings and Oswald continues to take a prescribed medication to keep him calm.


  • MAY:
    • 18th - Harold Meltzner is contacted by a member of the U.S. Military and asked if he wants a job working for them in an attempt to figure out time travel. He agrees.
    • 29th - Harold Meltzner arrives in Arizona to begin working with the U.S. Military.
    • 30th - Ray Roberts is called to a house to repair a leaky faucet. There, the ghost of June Baker tricks him into going to the basement where she murders him.
    • 4th - Animal testings at Haast Enterprises of the new Formula 627 create numerous partially successful results. During one test on a turtle, the scientists are able to give the ability of human speech to the animal but shortly afterwards the turtle starts to grow human proportions and change into a freakish human/turtle hybrid. Steven Haast orders the testing of the formula on animals to stop as he has grown tired of waiting and fast tracks the testing on humans. He orders Turtle to be killed and destroyed, but before he can be Turtle manages to escape into the sewers beneath the city.
    • 11th - Steven Haast drafts up his plan for the numerous ways they can administer the formula to human test subjects.
    • 30th - Waxgirl! finds out Steven Haast is planning on using the formula.
    • 31st - Returning to New Prairie, Waxgirl! confronts Steven Haast. The two argue up to midnight.


    • 7th - Mari Stewart, Lillian Cook, Nathan Crone, and Isabella Koontz go to a park just outside of Rillo’s Quarry to party for the night. During their party, a vampire working for Victoria Quidd attacks the group and kills both Nate and Isabella.
    • 8th - In the early morning, Mari Stewart and Lillian Cook arrive at the police station and yell about the night’s happenings. The police proceed to interrogate them.
      • At 8:30 in the morning, the police arrive at Rillo’s Quarry and find the dead body of Isabella Koontz, with bite marks on her neck. Upon Lt. Logan Myers arrival, he decides to call in more help on the situation and leaves the crime scene.
      • Jack Ridley is awoken from his sleep by Lt. Logan Myers pounding on his door. Myers takes him to a crime scene, at Rillo’s Quarry, where a 20 something girl was found murdered. Two bite marks in her neck are found. Jack is introduced to Lillian Cook and Mari Stewart, friends of the murdered girl. Myers says they think her death was from a vampire bite. Jack says he wont claim anything until the autopsy and leaves to go back home.
      • At home, Jack Ridley is visited by Eli Rigby who claims to have a ghost in her house. Before he can really start asking questions, Eli picks up Gravestone’s staff. Jack stops her and notices a ring on her finger. Before he can ask any more questions about it, Lillian Cooke and Mari Stewart arrive asking why he isn’t helping them figure out their friend’s death. Eli leaves and Jack argues with the girls about the lack of evidence pointing to any kind of paranormal activity. They leave just as Jack gets a phone call from Lt. Logan Myers saying the autopsy brought up no blood in the girl’s body. Jack starts looking up through past case files of any Vampires he’s caught. While searching he comes across Damien Quidd’s name and clicks on it. Looking through the photos of the crime scene, he spots the ring on Damien’s finger, which resembles the one Eli Rigby was wearing just moments before. Jack leaves his house to find Myers.
      • Arriving at another crime scene a few blocks from Rillo’s Quarry, Jack Ridley confronts Lt. Logan Myers about the ring and the connection to Damien Quidd. Jack is certain that someone is trying to get into, or already has, Damien’s crypt and Jack wants to go check it out. Myers tells him that he can’t just have him opening graves but instead will send some men to check it out and get back to him. Jack tells him to also run a check on Eli Rigby before he, Lillian Cooke, and Mari Stewart leave. They ask why he thinks it’s a vampire now and he says that he recognizes the ring that was on Eli’s hand when she was at his house. He then proceeds to tell the entire backstory of Damien Quidd to the girls.
      • Jack Ridley arrives at his house with Lillian Cooke and Mari Stewart. He finds his book of “magical spells” is missing, only to have Eli Rigby, really Victoria Quidd, holding it in his living room. Jack gets a phone call from Lt. Logan Myers saying that Damien Quidd’s crypt is empty. Jack tells Victoria that he knows who she is and what she’s trying to do, but she gets the upper hand and sends him flying backwards into a wall and into Mari. After hitting the wall, Damien Quidd’s cane, which was resting above on a ledge, falls to the ground beside Jack. Lillian grabs the cane, runs after Victoria with it to strike, but instead is stopped by her and knocked backwards to the ground. Victoria walks to Jack tells him thanks for finding Damien’s cane for her, then hits him over the head with it, knocking him out.
      • Victoria Quidd retrieves some of Jack Ridley’s blood and then leaves his house with Mari Stewart’s body, the book of “magical spells” and Damien Quidd’s cane. Victoria Quidd arrives back at her house and succeeds in completing the spell to resurrect Damien back to life.
      • Mari Stewart awakes in the basement of Victoria Quidd’s mansion where she has already become a vampire. She’s confronted by Damien Quidd, now alive, and he informs her that she needs to bite Jack Ridley when he arrives to save her. She agrees to do so.
      • Jack Ridley awakens and finds Lillian Cooke awake with a bag of ice on her face. Lt. Logan Myers calls Jack back and tells him that he found where Eli Rigby lives. Jack tells Lillian that he’s gonna go save Mari Stewart, but Lillian says she’s coming with. Jack tells her she’s not coming with but should instead go get Waxgirl! She says she can do that and leaves. Jack grabs the top of Gravestone’s staff and leaves for where Victoria Quidd’s house.
      • Arriving at Victoria Quidd’s house, Jack Ridley walks in and finds Mari Stewart laying on the couch in the front room. He grabs her and says that they’re getting out of the house as fast as possible. Mari tells him that they’re not and after Jack asks her why, she sprouts fangs and bites Jack in the neck. He falls over backwards as she gets up and walks to the hallway where she meets up with Victoria and a very alive Damien Quidd. Jack passes out.
    • 9th - Victoria Quidd erases part of Jack Ridley's memory containing her and Damien Quidd. They then let him go back to his life, except now as a Vampire.
    • 28th - Stewart Stewart is born.
      • Oswald Hilt and Jimmy start questioning his psychiatrist Dr. Marshall Strapp’s true intentions with the medication he gives to Oswald. Jimmy looks into finding information about Strapp.
    • 30th - Jimmy confronts Oswald Hilt with a newspaper article about Dr. Marshall Strapp, talking about the night Sarah Putney was murdered. Oswald believes the article says Strapp was her killer. Jimmy says they should kill him because he feels he’s gonna do the same thing to Oswald as he did to Putney.
    • 4th - After telling Dr. Marshall Strapp about a figure with a black face stalking him in his home, the doctor issues more drugs to Oswald Hilt. Arriving home later that day, Oswald tells Jimmy about the doctor issuing more drugs to him. Jimmy flips out and says they need to end this once and for all. The two start creating a plan.
    • 12th - Oswald Hilt murders Dr. Marshall Strapp in his basement after claiming to need more drugs. Moments before killing him, Oswald realizes that Jimmy and his wife aren’t real but all in his head. He still kills the doctor anyway though, believing he drugged him into thinking that way. Later that evening, Oswald kills himself after chasing a hallucination of a black-faced man around his home.
    • 13th - An assistant of Dr. Strapp goes to Oswald Hilt’s house and finds Oswald’s body and calls the cops. Later that evening the police find the Doctor’s body in the basement.



  • JUNE:
    • 15th - Death shows up to hang out with Matt Michaels as part of their yearly tradition. The two start to party, which lasts through the evening and into the next afternoon.
    • 16th - Matt Michaels awakens to find Death making breakfast. Matt's girlfriend Debbie shows up at his house with a birthday cake, pleading him to make a change with his life and go away with her. Matt says he wants to make a change and makes a wish that they'll go to Hawaii, not specifying he meant himself and Debbie. Death grants the wish and they leave.



  • MAY:
    • 11th - Simon Teggert starts practicing his chess moves with his trainer Sven Huugentart at 5:30am. After over 13 hours of practice, Simon meets with his long time fiance Rachel Burgundy for dinner, before going back home and practicing for a few more hours.
    • 12th - While sleeping, Simon Teggert is murdered by suffocation by an unknown assailant.
    • 25th - Damien Quidd finds out that Cambiare Rock supposedly houses a weapon of great power. He decides to start finding a way inside.



  • MARCH:
    • 12th - Charlie Gulden pitches his script to Michael J. Bayheimer, who loves it but immediately starts rewriting the story. He greenlights the production shortly there after.
  • JULY:
    • 20th - Clive Kaden gets a job at WNPX as an investigative reporter.
    • 24th - The ghost of Simon Teggert is interviewed for a documentary about his life and death.



    • 2nd - Vinny Colombo lets a shipment of cocaine go out that is tainted with a chemical. The bad drugs are circulated through Don Moretti's customers.
    • 5th - Don Moretti is informed that his recent drug shipment is killing it's users almost immediately. Don Moretti has one of his men start digging to find out the cause.
    • 9th - Don Moretti's men find that the drugs were tained by Vinny Colombo and goes immediately to Benito Colombo to complain. Benito wants to work things out and invites Don Moretti to a dinner to talk.
    • 12th - Benito Colombo calls a meeting between the Colombo and Moretti families in hopes of making peace over a recent drug mishap. Vinny Colombo, Luca Silvino and his girlfriend Olivia Castleton, Don Moretti and his wife Rita Moretti, along with Timmy the Tape and Tony the Muscle arrive at the Colombo family warehouse. During their meeting, the two families eat dinner and proceed to make fun of Vinny the entire time accusing him of the mishap (which he is responsible for). Having enough of their teasing, Vinny leaves the table to do cocaine in the bathroom. While gone, it's quickly evident that Olivia is not who she says she is and a shootout takes place, killing all at the table. When Vinny returns to the table, now high on drugs, he quits the family and leaves unaware that everyone is dead.
      • 30 minutes later, Mario the Punctual arrives at the warehouse only to find everyone dead and Vinny Colombo gone. Mario quickly leaves before the police can catch him.
  • JUNE:
    • 1st - Yuri Istanbul and Yuri Constantinople get word that a hit is out on Vinny Colombo, a drug dealer out of New Prairie. The two decide to go after Vinny in hopes of claiming the reward.
    • 4th - Tanner Greene visits his acquaintance Vinny Colombo to sell him some drugs on the side. During the deal, Vinny accidentally overdoses and dies. Shortly afterwards he's confronted by two henchman who were sent by Don Spreezy to kill Vinny. Thinking Tanner was a hitman himself, he's taken to meet Don Spreezy in person who hires him to kill another individual.
      • Yuri Istanbul and Yuri Constantinople arrive atVinny Colombo's headquarters only to find him already dead. They then head to Jumpers to have a drink.
      • Tanner Greene goes to the parking garage where he confronts the mark. However during his attempts to inform her he's there to kill her but has no plans on doing so, Tanner accidentally shoots a police officer and gives his mark an overdose of drugs, killing them both.
      • Quinn Solis runs out of an AA meeting citing he doesn't want to be a part of it anymore. After arguing with his girlfriend Helen, he meets Jim Spanwell who treats him to a drink at Jumpers. At the bar, Jim's speech about being perfect without help from others, convinces Quinn to rethink his life.
    • 12th - Quinn Solis goes to an AA meeting, this time willingly, and sees Jim Spanwell standing outside. Quinn acknowledges him and leaves Jim outside on his own.
  • JULY:
    • 16th - Barbara Roche films Clive Kaden using his telekinesis powers on her phone.
    • 25th - While out filming a piece for her evening report, Barbara Roche and Clive Kaden witness Sampson crush the front of a car after he was accidentally cut off while crossing the street. Clive, seeing that Sampson could have hurt someone, tries to get Barbara to see that. Instead she tells him that Sampson SAVED the people from being hit by the car.
      • Still angry for being nearly cut off, Sampson runs into Bloodwing on the Southport Bridge, who still owes him money from a poker night a few months back. Bloodwing denies owing him money, causing Sampson to throw a punch at him. The two start fighting, ultimately causing a massive backup on the bridge. Their fights result in numerous people injured (some severely), $100k+ worth of damages, and the bridge to be closed due to structural damage.
    • 30th - The first episode of 'The New Adventures of the Midnight Sleuth' airs on WNPX Channel 4.
    • 11th - An arguing couple is brutally murdered by a group of new vampires a block from their home.
    • 12th - Zee Young and Dana Deschain are called by Cpt. Logan Myers and asked to come to New Prairie. The two finish their current job and drive immediately to the city.
    • 13th - Zee Young and Dana Deschain arrive in New Prairie and meet Cpt. Logan Myers who informs them of a recent vampire attack where a couple was brutally murdered. The two set off to investigate the crime scene when Jack Ridley, undercover, accidentally reveals he's watching them. Jack flees and the two continue their investigation, following the vampires back to an abandoned warehouse. There they find the group of new vampires and immediately get attacked by them, only to be saved by Jack (who was still following them). After a quick fight, Dana and Zee tell Jack who they are and that Logan hired them to investigate. Jack gets upset and leaves the crime scene for Logan's house.
      • Jack confronts Logan at his house about hiring Dana and Zee. Logan informs Jack that he hired them because Jack is no longer able to do it on his own since the death of Gravestone. Jack storms out, Logan informs Dana and Zee that Jack was the one that recommended them. The two leave the house, get into their car (where Jack is waiting), and the three drive off to continue their investigation.


  • MARCH:
    • 24th - Matthew Michaels moves out of the house he shares with Charles Triggs and Gallagher Barnes, claiming he can't stand living with Barnes' incompetance. During his departure, he angry/accidentally drive over the mailbox. He moves back into his parent's place until he "can find somewhere to stay".
  • APRIL:
    • 5th - Izzy hosts his morning talk show where he talks to Zee Young about the Dark Killer and Gravestone, as well as the upcoming mayor election and centennial.
      • A school bus stalls on a railroad crossing just outside of town. Sampson, who was passing by, decides to stop the oncoming train by derailing the engine instead of moving the bus to safety. The engineer and his co-driver are critically injured in the incident.
      • Clive Kaden and Barbara Roche argue about the the incident with Sampson, revealing their gradually dividing opinions on the "capes".
    • 6th - Izzy talks about the incident with Sampson on his morning talk show and has Red Heart to get his opinions regarding Sampson's actions. Red Heart denounces Sampson and calls his actions, ludicrous and against everything that a cape should stand for. Sampson, ultimately calls into the station and the two argue on the air.
    • 10th - Gravestone is revived from his grave by the forces that ultimately created him. He's immediately hounded by the press who are shocked and amazed that he is alive again after all these years. Gravestone immediately starts trying to figure out why he was revived and what he's missed during the last dozen years.
    • 12th - The finale of The New Adventures of the Midnight Sleuth airs on television.
    • 13th - New Prairie celebrates its 100th Anniversary as a city.
      • A doorway located inside of Oak Park Cemetery's catacombs is opened by an unknown person, breaking the seal of a highly concentrated ball of demons and souls. The opening of the portal immediately kills the person, which takes their death as the necessary sacrifice. The portal opens itself and unleashes hoards of monsters, ghosts, and demons into the city.
      • During the invasion, Uncle Bob is murdered.
      • Gravestone immediately starts fighting the monsters, trying in vain to find a way to stop them. Together with Jack Ridley and a returning Waxgirl!, they start researching ways to close the gateway off. Together they find the only way to stop it by Gravestone porting into it (which is against his known ability to port between shadows). Once he ports inside, it will cause the gateway to seal shut again as it destroys the link between this dimension and the next.
      • Victoria Quidd is disintegrated by Jack Ridley in front of Damien Quidd.
      • Dana Deschain and Zee Young track down Damien Quidd among the chaos and banish him to a lost alternate dimension where he can never be resurrected.
    • 29th - Travis arrives at his Uncle Bob's house, where he meets his cousin Gavin. Together the two start cleaning the attic out, when they discover a mysterious box that opens a whole to an alternate dimension where Uncle Bob is still alive. Gavin, wanting to be with his dead father, is temporarily stopped by Travis, only to stab him and get away. During a scuffle in the attic, Travis is accidentally pushed into the portal, which closes behind him, leaving Gavin alone.
  • JUNE:
  • 19th - Oliver Cotton hears his name announced on the radio as the winner of a $10,000 prize. He attempts to rush to 104.9 the NOIZ to claim the prize.
    • 17th - While driving home at night, Erin Smithee accidentally runs over her neighbor Gordon Wagner. She leaves the body and flees the scene.
    • 18th - The next morning, Erin Smithee awakens to find Gordon Wagner alive and well next door. Questioning how he is and if he remembers her killing him last night, he quickly gets on her nerves and she kills him again.
    • 19th - Erin Smithee awakens to find Gordon Wagner alive and well...again.
    • 4th - Curt Smithee goes next door to talk to Gordon Wagner and never returns home.
    • 5th - Erin Smithee meets up with Martin Burley while he's working, to ask him what she should do about her neighbor Gordon Wagner. He comments off-hand that she's crazy enough to start a fire, which she takes as a suggestion to get rid of Gordon.
      • Erin Smithee returns home, grabs a gas can and lighter, and proceeds next door to kill Gordon Wagner. Arriving there, she finds a garage full of them. Startled she backs up into the street and accidentally gets run over by a car.
    • 6th - Erin Smithee wakes up but finds that her body has been cloned to look like her neighbor Gordon Wagner.
    • 4th - Sampson causes a massive building collapse at Hazdon Industries, ultimately setting off a fire. He manages to save 200 people from inside, however, Clive Kaden’s brother is one of the 6 not saved. The news report done by Barbara Roche states that Sampson heroically saved 200 civilians and there were no casualties. Clive gets upset about her glossing over his brother's death, the two fight, and he ends their relationship.


    • 9th - Xavier Wakefield informs Barbara Roche that her ratings with the viewers are starting to dwindle as are the station's numbers. For the time being, he is removing her from lead anchor and replacing her with Warren Jones, the news intern.
    • 14th - A burglary at Baking Memories is stopped by Sampson who punches the robber so hard that it kills him.
      • Barbara Roche asks Clive Kaden to meet her at their "secret place" to discuss him working for her again. Clive refuses, gets angry, and accidentally collapses part of the building on Barbara. He deletes the video on her phone of him using his powers and leaves. Barbara, thought dead, revives and leaves the building.
      • Warren Jones goes missing and doesn't report to work at WNPX.
    • 15th - Sampson gets into a fight with Red Heart in downtown. Their fight leads them onto the rooftop of The Earling and ultimately causes a fire to breakout within the theater. Due to their fighting, civilians are trapped inside but neither of them stop to help. The fire kills 37 people with an additional 83 with severe injuries.
      • Winnie McCauliffe, filling in for the still missing Warren Jones, reports on the fight with Sampson and Red Heart. After the broadcast ends, she confronts station owner Xavier Wakefield about the report telling him that they can't report negative comments about the "Capes" on air. Xavier informs her that they are changing directions with the channel and agrees to let her help write future stories about the "Capes".
    • 16th - After hours, Xavier Wakefield is confronted by Barbara Roche in his office. Through their talking, Barbara convinces Xavier to jump out his own office window, falling 29 floors to his death. Immediately afterward, Barbara calls the police pretending to be attacked by Clive Kaden and blaming him for throwing Xavier out the window.




  • MAY:
    • 16th - Harold Meltzner attends a science fair held at Hazdon Industries. While there, he meets Ian Grada, who’s arguing with a person about the concepts of time travel. Harold chimes in on Ian’s side about how it’s possible. The two talk by themselves for the next 3 hours, bouncing ideas off of one another. The two finally separate late in the evening, but only after Harold gives Ian his card.
    • 20th - Ian Grada phones Harold Meltzner and the two get together again. This time, they talk for almost dawn about time travel. During which time, Ian describes his plans for an actual working time machine. Harold tweaks some of the concepts based off his own personal research. By morning the two have come up with a rough idea of a possible working time machine.
    • 29th - Ian Grada and Harold Meltzner start working together on building their blueprinted model of a time machine.


    • 1st - While working in their shop, Ian Grada and Harold Meltzner are surprised when a piece of paper with the writing “It works” suddenly appears.


    • 1st - Ian Grada and Harold Meltzner finish tweaking their time machine and test it out. They send back in time a piece of paper saying “It works”. They remember the piece of paper they received a year prior and realize that it does in fact work. Ian Grada starts excitedly ranting about having to show this to the military immediately. Harold Meltzner tells him that he’s more than willing to let Ian do with it what he feels is right, but that Harold’s name cannot be attached to the project at all. When Ian asks why, Harold simply smiles and says he has his reasons.
    • 17th - Ian Grada takes the time machine to Hazdon Industries. There, head Jack Rupert attempts to steal it and kill him. Ian flees the building and goes back home. There, realizing that Rupert and his men will stop at nothing to probably get the time machine, Ian decides to travel back to 1990 to hide.
    • 18th - The U.S. Military is contacted by someone at Hazdon Industries and told of a time machine that was submitted. The unknown person sends pictures of the time machine to the government, who says it resembles one very similar that was under production a few years back. The government makes the connection that Harold Meltzner is behind the time machine and start to track him down.
    • 14th - The military arrives at Harold Meltzner’s house and raids all his personal belongings. Harold is found at Jumper’s and arrested on the spot for possible treason to the U.S.
    • 15th - Harold Meltzner arrives at a U.S. Penitentiary.
    • 17th - Harold Meltzner is trialed and convicted of treason. He is sentenced is death.
    • 18th - While waiting to be executed, Harold Meltzner is visited by a time-traveling Ian Grada and David Ricci, who take him back to 1995 with him.
    • 19th - Harold Meltzner goes before the court again to be pardoned of his accused crimes and freed. It’s revealed that a new piece of information shows up stating that the General who Harold worked for during his Military days had actually leaked the blueprints of the time machine to a foreign country, years before Harold had done anything. The General is instead convicted for treason.
    • 20th - Harold Meltzner arrives back in New Prairie.
  • APRIL:



  • MAY:
    • 3rd - Hazdon Industries closes after being sued by three separate individuals claiming products developed by Hazdon nearly killed them.


    • 9th - The former location of Hazdon Industries is unveiled and reopened as Rupecone Park, a memorial to the former owners of Hazdon Industries and their original healthy contributions to society.


    • 9th - Matt Michaels plays a gig at a coffee shop. After leaving the gig, he stumbles across Don Bellini making a deal with an unknown man. The two spot Matt listening in and the unknown man chases him down and kills him.
      • Agent Harris is called to the crime scene of Matt Michaels. During his investigation he sees the killer is none other than his partner Agent Barnes, who then kills Harris to silence him.