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A template to produce one or more non-breaking spaces (&nbsp; character entities).


{{spaces|N|type}} ...... to produce N consecutive non-breaking spaces (where N is a whole number larger than zero) of the type specified by the second parameter: em, en, fig, hair, thin, or if not specified, a non-breaking space (<source inline lang=xml> </source>) the same width as a standard space.

{{space|type}} produces a single non-breaking space of the type indicated.

Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes

This template, usually as its alias {{nbsp}}, may be used with {{wbr}} and {{nowrap}} to control line-breaking in bulletless lists in infoboxes, to prevent wrapped long entries from being confused with multiple entries. See Template:Wbr/doc#Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes for details.

Template data

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

See the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Spaces

Inserts one or more non-breaking spaces

Template parameters


How many non-breaking spaces to insert


See also

  • {{pad}} to add inline spacing in units of px, em or ex
  • {{0}} to add invisible characters
  • {{nowrap|item}} to stop the linewrapping of any part of item
  • {{nb5}} to insert five non-breaking spaces
  • {{indent}} indents by a specified number of spaces (with leading newline)
  • {{in5}} indents by five or a specified number of spaces (with no leading newline)
  • {{block indent}}, to indent an entire block of content, similar to a block quotation (uses <div> and CSS margins)

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