Revamp (album)

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Studio album by Foolish Creeper
Released November 12, 2002
Recorded 1999-2002
Genre Rock, Metal, Pop Rock
Length 55:11
Label Tonal Records
Producer Dave Shevil, Lauren Jensen
Foolish Creeper chronology

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Revamp is the ninth album released by Foolish Creeper and the last before the band's hiatus.


It was during the creation of the album that the band started experiencing a bit of creative fatigue. Their first attempts at songs led to a handful of tracks being recorded before being disregarded. Only one song (track 4's "Going, Going, Here") survived from the original recording sessions.

Track listing

1."Tenative"Lauren Jensen4:23
2."Forever Until The End"Jensen, Craig Hansen, Karen Weber4:28
3."Deep In Thought"Victor Morgan4:58
4."Going, Going, Here"Jensen, Morgan4:26
5."Before I Say Hello"Morgan4:33
6."Checkbox"Jensen, Roman Erickson5:12
7."Revamp"Jensen, Morgan5:06
8."The Floor at the Top"Jensen, Weber4:37
9."Tomorrow's not Today"Jensen, Morgan, Dave Shevil4:30
10."Long Shot"Erickson4:59
11."Untitled Track"Jensen, Morgan, Weber, Hansen, Erickson7:49
Total length:55:11


Early reviews of the album stated that the album was "more of the same old same old" from the band. Most complimented the final track for its callback tone to the long, jam session songs of the mid 70's.

Car Accident & Hiatus

Just as the band started to make plans to begin touring, Victor Morgan suffered a near fatal injury after another car t-boned him in an intersection. Morgan was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to keep him alive, however, it would take another five years of therapy before he would be able to walk unassisted.

The continual frustration and fatigue brought on by the album made the band's decision to take a break an easy one. On January 9th, 2003 Dave Shevil and Lauren Jensen publicly announced the band's hiatus, citing a break was needed after over 20 years of performing.


  • Victor Morgan – lead vocals
  • Lauren Jensen – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Craig Hansen – rhythm guitar
  • Karen Weber – bass
  • Roman Erickson – drums, percussion