Luca Silvino

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Luca Silvino
Born (1978-08-11)August 11, 1978
Chicago, Il
Died February 12, 2017(2017-02-12) (aged 38)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Gunshot
Killer Unknown
Occupation Businessman/Drug Dealer
Relatives Andre Silvino (cousin)
Family Bruto Colombo (brother)
Benito Colombo (brother)
School James T. Welks High School
Year 1992 to 1996

Luca Silvino was an adopted member of the Colombo family and brother to Benito Colombo and Bruto Colombo.


Luca was born in Chicago to mob affiliated parents. When he was 9, his parents were killed leaving him homeless. The Colombo family, who had been employing Luca's parents for work in Chicago, took in young Luca and adopted him.


During a "family dinner" in February 2017, Luca was murdered as part of a shoot out, which started as an argument about a botched shipment of drugs.