Getting Through (Movie)

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Getting Through
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Directed by Jordan Johnson
Max Olmsted
Produced by
  • T.C. De Witt
  • Chad Halvorsen
  • Max Olmsted
Screenplay by
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Jim O'Connell
  • Max Olmsted
  • Jim O'Connell
  • Max Olmsted
Music by Eric Momou
Jim O'Connell
Cinematography Jordan Johnson
Edited by AARON Williams
  • Redacted Media
  • Top Hat Balloon Productions
Release date
August 3, 2018
Running time
8 mins

Getting Through is a short drama about two cousins working through the death of a loved one.

Plot synopsis

After the death of a relative, two cousins get together to help each other through the pain. While cleaning the attic, they discover something mysterious inside an old box and investigate.



  • The entire short was produced in less than 48 hours, as part of the 2018 48 Hour Film Project - Madison.

New Prairie Universe Info


The events of this film take place on April 29, 2018.

Additional Backstory