Eugene Niron

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Eugene Niron
Born Eugene Martin Niron
(1971-12-04)December 4, 1971
New Prairie, WI
Died July 2, 1995(1995-07-02) (aged 23)
Derelli Towers
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Fell to Death
Occupation Hired goon
School New Prairie High
Year 1986 to 1989

Eugene Niron was a hired goon that held Dustin Thompson, Matthew Miller, and Karri Foster hostage at Stewart Savings & Loan.


Early Days

Eugene dropped out of high school in 1989 after a group of kids de-pants him in the gymnasium during junior Prom. Afterwards Eugene got a job working at Partone's Restaurant as a busboy. Over the next year, he managed to work his way up to waiter where he regularly waited on Dustin Thompson and Catherine Gifford.

Dating Catherine

One evening in 1991, Eugene came across Catherine crying at her car outside of the restaurant. He confronted her and the two dated for a few months before Catherine became upset with him after he demanded her never to talk of her ex Dustin again. She fled and he followed her in a car, only to be involved in a 4 car pile up which nearly killed Catherine. Eugene was initially blamed for the accident but was soon acquitted of the crime when police accused Sonny Bellini for the cause of the accident.

Hired by Steven Haast

In 1995, Eugene was hired by Steven Haast to kidnap Claire Fonnerelli and hold her hostage in an old hotel on the north end of town. A few days after doing so, the police found where he was keeping her and busted him. Eugene confessed to the police that Haast was behind the whole thing, but upon arresting Haast, couldn’t find any proof of such. Eugene was convicted of kidnapping and sentence to jail for 10 years.

Hostage Situation

Haast visited Eugene in jail and beat him up a bit for messing up the job. Before he left, he informed Eugene that in the next month, he’ll need him for another job and will plan a breakout for him. A month later, Haast held up his end of the bargain and broke Eugene out of jail. Two days later, he’s told to hold up the Stewart Savings & Loan, which just so happened to have both Catherine and Dustin inside it, as a way to distract the police of New Prairie from a real crime happening across town.

The police finally barged their way into the bank, but Eugene got a way, with Catherine as his new hostage. He took her to the top of the Derelli Towers, after setting the fire alarms off and getting attention. He was confronted by Dustin at the top, the two fought and Eugene fell over the edge to his death.

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