Derelli Towers

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The Derelli Towers
General information
Location New Prairie, Wisconsin
Current tenants Numerous
Construction started September 23, 1976 (First Location)
10 October 1976 (New Location)
Completed November 27, 1979
Owner J.P. Derelli
Height 520ft
Technical details
Floor count 40
Design and construction
Architect J.P. Derelli

The main office structure located in downtown New Prairie that houses many of the city's most predominate businesses.

Building the Towers

Following the burning of New Prairie in 1976, J.P. Derelli helped rebuild the city to what it is today. As a special thanks to his efforts, the city council built two large office towers on the spot where the fires started and named them after him. At the base of the towers, as a memorial and historical monument to the burning and those who lost their lives, the construction crew maintained the remains of the house that the fires started in, preserved forever within a glass case. Nothing was removed, including the burnt grass and the broken embers that managed to survive the fire. At night the memorial is lit with white and red lights to recreate the fires that cast upon them during the night of the burning. The memorial stands at the base of and between the two towers that each rise 40 stories in the air. Tall and cylindrical, they’re the tallest point in New Prairie next to the Hazdon Industries of 30 stories tall.

Hostage Situation

In 1995, a paranoid turned bank robber by the name of Eugene Niron fell to his death from the top of the West Tower. Police related the death to an accident when security cameras found that Eugene tripped over the railing and fell during a struggle with Dustin Thompson.

Secret Tunnels and Vaults

Under the two buildings is a large basement, with 6 tunnels, spindling off under the basements and structures of the rest of town. 5 of these tunnels lead to secret vaults that Derelli built to hide his money.

The 5 locations of the vaults are located under the JB Pretzel Factory, Coppernoll, Burke and Associates, The Earling and two more known only be Derelli himself. The 6th, dead ends and contains a secret door leading to another secret room as part of TJ’s, a club that Vinnie Sportien often operated out of.

The Towers' Occupants

The Derelli Towers house not only the Midwestern branch of JP LOANS but also is the home of half of New Prairie’s main commercial offices.

Predominate Business: