Andre Silvino

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Andre Silvino
Born Andrew Tame Silvino
(1975-01-02)January 2, 1975
Elgin, Il
Occupation Bodyguard
Associates Taylor Fanucci
Relatives Luca Silvino (cousin)

Andre Silvino is the longtime friend and bodyguard of Taylor Fanucci and the murderer of Maria Sportien.


In late 1995, Andre became Taylor Fanucci's bodyguard after Taylor took over control of the Fanucci empire. A year later, Andre was sent to New Prairie to find Jerry Burr and his fiancé Maria Sportien. When he arrived at their house, Andre only found Maria, whom after a small chase around the house, killed her. He propped her body up at a spot that Jerry would more than likely see when he entered the house and left for Chicago.